Cup pudding from the supermarket: the Soul Warmer

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    Cup pudding from the supermarket: the Soul Warmer

    Years ago I lamented that Disappearance of a consolation candle for cold evenings in the tent.

    Perhaps my lamentation was answered, but perhaps the demand for a sweet, hot, cheerless man stirred only with hot water was big enough to bring a new product to market: the Soulwarmers Cuppudding from dr. Oetker.

    Curious, I waited for it to be picked up by my local supermarket and then jumped straight to it. Choco and cream almonds were available, individually packed in sachets. The preparation is very simple: put the powder in a cup, pour about 150ml of hot water over it, stir well and spoon.

    A look at the nutritional value table reveals a bag of finished product for each:
    – Cream Almond: 243kcal, 6g protein, 6.3g fat and 40g carbohydrates
    – chocolate: 246kcal, 6g protein, 6.8g fat and 39g carbohydrates

    So not without 0.79 €.

    Geschmacklich sind beide probierte Sorten ganz lecker! Ich freue mich schon darauf, den Pudding am Ende eines langen Trekking-Tages aus dem Rucksack zu zaubern – und meiner Begleitung ein Lächeln 🙂




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