The energy bomb Pemmikan simply made by yourself

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    The energy bomb Pemmikan simply made by yourself

    Pemmican is a very rich and long-lasting mixture of dried meat, fat and various spices. When energy-rich travel provisions It is used by the ancient Indians to today's polar expeditions. Its main ingredient, the jerky, is with many nomads known and gives, for example, with hot water, as today's instant products, a nutritious soup.

    Recipe for pemmican

    The composition I give only as a ratio: on a portion of dried meat you need 1/4 part beef tallow, so for example 200g dark meat and 50g fat.

    beef jerky

    It is important that you as possible lean, dark meat uses and you possibly fat and sinews removed. To dry the meat, cut it along the muscle fiber into very narrow strips and dry it overnight at 50 ° in a slightly open oven. Once it (almost) crumbles between the fingers, it has lost about 80% of its weight and can be ground to the finest possible powder. For this purpose, a mortar or blender is suitable. If the dried meat is not to be processed immediately, it must be packaged airtight so it does not spoil. 

    Fat / sebum

    The white fat of beef or sheep is cut into small cubes and left out, that is fried at medium temperature, until the cubes, called greases, shrunk very small and liquid fat accumulates in the pan. The gruel can be eaten the same, or later added back to the pemmican.

    If it should be fast:

    To make pemmican, the meat can be prepared as above and roasted at a higher temperature. Of course, lard from the supermarket also works wonderfully.

    Production of pemmican

    The meat powder and the tallow are blended in a ratio of 3 to 1, ie three parts of meat powder and one part of tallow. Mixing is best done by the food processor. The mass should be salted well, with a little vegetable stock powder it tastes even better. Season to taste with pepper, dried herbs, dried fried onions, chilli or dried berries.


    Purely spooned, on the bread or Bannock lubricated, over noodles, rice, potatoes, couscous, mashed potatoes, as an addition and energy boost in the bag soup, with hot water as a soup - short always and everywhere, where energy and salt is needed and good!

    Stored dark and cool, pemmican can be stored for up to two years.

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