Terms of Use

    § 1 Basic provisions

    The provider provides a blog for contacting and exchanging news and information. Registration and use is free.

    By registering, the user accepts the following terms of use.

    § 2 contributions

    (1)   All contributions are published under the name of the respective user.

    Contributions within the meaning of these terms of use are information in the broadest sense, in particular texts, files, images, graphics and links.

    The contributions represent only the opinion of the respective user and do not reflect the opinion of the provider. Each user is responsible for the posts he posts. Published posts can not be deleted by the user.

    (2)   The user undertakes not to post any content that violates applicable law or common decency. Obscenities, vulgarity, insults, slander and the dissemination of extreme political views are inadmissible. Likewise, contributions with promotional character are not allowed.

    (3) The provider is not obliged to review posts by users. The provider is not responsible for the content of the contributions, he assumes no responsibility and liability for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Furthermore, the provider dissociates itself from the content of linked websites.

    (4)   The provider reserves the right to delete entries in the blog at any time and without notice or editorial to revise.

    § 3 Liability Regulations

     (1)   The data communication via the Internet can not be guaranteed error-free and / or available at any time according to the current state of the art. The provider is not liable for the constant or uninterrupted availability of the website and the blog offered there.

    The provider expressly reserves the right to change, supplement or delete parts of the pages or the entire offer without prior notice or to cease publication temporarily or permanently.

    (2)   As far as the provider on the basis of a breach of the obligations under § 2 para. 2, in particular for personal rights violations or infringement of industrial property rights is claimed, the responsible user indemnifies the provider for all arising in this context claims (including legal defense costs).

    § 4 Exclusion from use

    The provider can easily exclude members who have violated these terms and conditions from using the blog.

    Rules for use

    1. General

    The rules of good and respectful interaction with other readers and users apply. No reader may violate legal prohibitions or morality with information that makes it accessible to others in their self-image, in forums, chats or other means, or violate third party rights (name, trademark, copyright, privacy rights, etc.) , In particular, users are prohibited from directly or indirectly distributing pornographic, adolescent, violent or racist content, to call for criminal acts or to provide instructions or to violate political, ideological or religious views of third parties. For the users, the decisions and requirements of and its agents are binding when using the services, which decide which contents violate the stated principles. Here are a few basic rules for dealing with each other and for the use of ("Netiquette"):

    • Be polite to each other and tolerate other opinions, beliefs and religions. Do not insult, threaten or harass anyone.
    • Do not violate legal prohibitions or good morals. Do not distribute pornographic, youth-impairing, violent or racist content.
    • Pay attention to contributions (texts, photos, music, videos) to the copyright. This means: The contributions must come from you personally or all rights of those affected must be obtained.
    • Accept the privacy of others.
    • Personal quarrels have lost nothing in the forums, comments or other functions.
    • guarantee the preservation of your anonymity in the article comments. Please do not use this to provoke, discredit or abuse other users.
    • Each participant agrees not to blame or harm other users.

    If the basic rules are violated, reserves the right to delete the posts, to exclude users and to take legal action in the case of infringements of the law.

    2. Deletion of content

    For example, to delete posted comments or content, the user must contact contact for deletion.

    Copyright and related rights

    1. Rights granted

    By posting photos, videos or texts, the user grants free of charge the transferable right to store the materials indefinitely, to make them publicly accessible, to offer them to the users for storage and printing and to publish them in online, print and other media to promote the offer. Within the offer, content can also be highlighted and rated editorially. Beyond that, in particular commercial utilization of the photos is permissible according to the law only with agreement of the author and possibly the imaged person.

    2. Responsibility of users

    It is the sole responsibility of each user to acquire the necessary rights to post photos, videos or texts and their use in the offer of As a rule, the user only has the necessary rights if he or she has made the content in question or obtains the rights of third parties, if the images are not provided by the users themselves and if they also have the consent of any persons depicted. Also on pictured objects (for example works of art) rights of third parties can exist, so that an agreement of the author is necessary. The clarification of possible exceptions to these consent requirements is the responsibility of the user.

    Competitions or raffles

    The winners will be determined among all senders under the exclusion of legal recourse and notified by mail. We use your contact information only for the prize notification. If we notify you by phone or e-mail, you consent to this notification option as you participate. The first and last names of the winners and the place of residence will be published in the entry of the competition. We only pass on your personal data to third parties (eg manufacturers, retailers, publishers) if this is necessary for the handling of the competition. Eligible for the raffle are only adults. Only one win is possible for each participant in a raffle. If several participants have found the right solution, the lot decides. A cash payment of the material profits does not take place. The claim to the prize can not be assigned. We reserve the right to cancel or terminate the Contest at any time without notice and without giving reasons, in particular for technical reasons. The organizer reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove or disqualify any participant from the database without prior notice to the participant. The organizer also reserves the right to change, modify or cancel the raffle if necessary. Participation by automatic entry services, sweepstakes clubs or gambling forums is not allowed. Persons participating in the raffle in this way will not be included in the prize distribution. It is forbidden to enter competitions of in raffle forums. Violators will be prosecuted and reported.

    Participation in sweepstakes

    1. Depending on the nature of the sweepstakes, additional provisions may apply in addition to these general conditions. The special conditions of participation of the respective competition are to be considered; in the event of conflict, they act in accordance with these general conditions.

    2. A breach of the general or special competition conditions, the influence of equal opportunities by technical manipulation, the transmission of false personal data or a similar serious violation leads to - possibly retrospective - exclusion from participation.

    3. Legal recourse is excluded. All prices have been provided to us free of charge and can not be paid in cash. Employees of are excluded from participating in sweepstakes. The same applies to the employees of those companies that have provided prices.


    1. General limitation of liability is liable only for damage caused by intentional or grossly negligent actions.

    2. Abuse of data

    In principle, users can decide themselves (by making the appropriate settings) which content and information they post. These are visible to other users. is not liable for misuse of this content and information by other users or other third parties.

    final provisions

    1. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract is the current location of the company.

    2. Should provisions of these general terms and conditions be or become invalid in whole or in part, the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. Rather, in lieu of each ineffective provision, a substitute provision corresponding to the purpose of the agreement or at least approximating as the parties would have agreed to achieve the original result if they had known the provision was ineffective. The same applies to incompleteness.