Transparency: our philosophy

    our philosophy
    We believe that for bloggers like us, honest, open and preferably uninfluenced communication is synonymous with authenticity and success. Otherwise we would only be press.
    Therefore, we also note under each article, whether we have received a product on special terms (eg free) or whether we get a commission by the use of so-called affiliate links.

    Affiliate Links
    We are proud of our independent equipment testing and product ideas. When our readers buy products we've written about, we get an affiliate commission that helps us pay for our work here. Our goal is to make shopping as easy as possible. That is why we carefully select our cooperation partners. You can also find out more about our affiliate partnerships in our privacy policy.

    It also follows: positive reviews can not be purchased from us! We test as independent, honest and objective as possible. A longer essay, whether there is something like objectivity or whether it can be a scientifically sound term, I save you in this context.

    Our expectations of equipment are actually summarized in one sentence: Does the part suit us for the specific purpose? If we like the part, we write that too. Due to our very selective pre-selection, the probability that we like the respective part naturally increases. If we do not like that part, we'll write it too. In case of a bad rating or any other criticism, we will contact the respective partner to point out the problems or the negative test result.

    Because here too we are fair: to our readers and to our partners.

    Codices / Code
    We have signed the relevant codices that we regard as a seal of approval for bloggers.