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    Desert-proven tips and tricks for hiking in the heat

    During my hikes in the desert mountains of Jbel Sarhro in Morocco, I was able to gain valuable experience for trekking in great heat.

    Powerfood smoothie for Crohn's disease

    Diet in the flare up is difficult, so I present a power smoothie for Crohn's disease.

    Ultralight outdoor kitchen

    Dining on the trail does not have to weigh much - here is an overview of my ultra-light outdoor kitchen.

    Microplastic and outdoor sports

    It is a contradiction in terms: we nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts contribute to a not inconsiderable part in pushing nature back further and further. Pre-skirmish In ...

    The evolution of outdoor clothing

    In this article, we look at the basics of clothing and how it evolved throughout human history. The body In order to function, the human ...

    4 smart gadgets for remote hiking trails

    Spring is here and outdoor enthusiasts are already drawn to the outdoors with the first rays of sunshine. Whether in the mountains, at the lake ...

    Review Casio ProTrek WSD-F20

    I have been using the PRO TREK WSD-F20 watch from Casio for a few months now. And now the review over the Christmas period ...

    Shopping guide for winter gear

    The requirements for winter equipment are actually clear: it has to help deal with the cold weather. On the one hand it has to protect against cooling, on the other hand it has to ...

    Daypack with style: Vagabond by Gossamer Gear

    The Vagabond by Gossamer Gear is a small, light daypack for day trips and the city, which is held in a classy ultralight design. Gossamer Gear is a ...