How do you find the best place to camp?

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    How do you find the best place to camp?

    From the pitch depends a lot on camping. At most official camp sites, the shelves are loosely scattered on the shores of a lake, a river or in a meadow and in a light forest. 

    Parking spaces at the lake or at the edge of the forest

    To the tent construction is a flat surface ideal. If the campsite has a slight incline, the tent should be set up so that the lying area is at the highest point. Before the tent is set up, it makes sense to pick up stones and pine cones from the ground and remove hard objects, so that damage to the groundsheet can be avoided. To protect the groundsheet from damage, an additional tarpaulin can be laid on the ground. When camping it is importantnot to take too much luggage with you, so you do not have to fill your tight storage space with rucksacks and bags. Often it is not possible to choose the pitch for the tent itself. However, it can always be decided in which direction the tent will be set up. The wind direction has a big impact on comfort and convenience in the tent. Therefore, it should be noted when setting up the tent that the wind does not blow into the tent entrance, as otherwise a lot of drafts can get inside the tent. If possible, the tent should be placed under a tree. First, however, it must be checked that no resin escapes from the tree, because resin stains are particularly stubborn and can pollute the tarpaulins. Another risk is dead trees or branches that hang from the trees. If larger branches break off in strong gusts of wind, the tent and its inhabitants can be severely damaged.

    Shadow place or place in the sun?

    When camping on days with a high rain probability, it is recommended to choose the highest possible parking space on the campsite. At the lowest point of the campsite, the water collects in humid weather, so that under certain circumstances liquid runs inside the tent. The condensation is higher in sinks. On most campsites there are both sun and shade places. A place in the shade has the advantage that the tent does not overheat during the day and it remains relatively cool inside the tent. In general, a shade is better for the durability of the tent, because the material quickly cracks when exposed to direct UV radiation for too long. At the end of the holiday, the tent should be carefully dismantled, cleaned and packed tent poles and herring separately from the tarpaulin. It is recommended to replace damaged or lost parts as soon as possible, so that the tent on the next camping holiday is ready for use again.



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