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    Nursing wool - the right wool care

    Although the natural fiber wool has gone out of fashion in the outdoor world, wool in the form of merino wool is particularly suitable for base layers ...

    How do you find the best place to camp?

    A lot depends on the pitch when camping. At most of the official campsites, the pitches are loosely scattered on the banks of a lake, a river ...

    Water management when hiking in dry and hot regions

    During my hikes through the desert mountains of Jebel Sarhro in Morocco, I learned some valuable techniques and tricks to manage water with the scarce (and heavy) resource.

    Desert-proven tips and tricks for hiking in the heat

    During my hikes in the desert mountains of Jbel Sarhro in Morocco, I was able to gain valuable experience for trekking in great heat.

    Re-mission: Walking with Crohn's disease?

    Crohn's disease is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease. Fortunately, it happens in batches. This means that phases of the disease are repeatedly linked to phases of ...

    Wild camping and bivouacing

    Just pitch your tent and enjoy nature? In Germany and Europe this is not allowed everywhere. We give important hints and tips.

    Powerfood smoothie for Crohn's disease

    Diet in the flare up is difficult, so I present a power smoothie for Crohn's disease.

    Microplastic and outdoor sports

    It is a contradiction in terms: we nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts contribute to a not inconsiderable part in pushing nature back further and further. Pre-skirmish In ...

    The evolution of outdoor clothing

    In this article, we look at the basics of clothing and how it evolved throughout human history. The body In order to function, the human ...