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    Drachenstich hiking loop in Murnau

    The Drachenstich Rundweg is a relatively short walk of about 6 kilometers, which leads through the versatility of the landscape around Murnau.

    Murnauer Moos Loop

    The Murnauer Moos is the largest closed bog area in Central Europe. A circular path leads through the moor area.

    Winter walking

    Now in winter there were some very nice days that I immediately used to underlay the text for hiking with some moving images. "THE ...

    Morocco in pictures

    In 2010/11 I was in Morocco for the first time - for 6 weeks. I have traveled the southern part of the country and stayed at the Jbel ...

    Chile in pictures: the national parks

    For a European from southern Germany, the landscape and the national parks of Chile were particularly impressive. We were mainly in auracariums between Santiago and Puerto Montt, ...

    Chile in pictures: the cities

    Chile, a versatile, narrow, long ribbon on the Pacific coast of South America. In 2014 we traveled for a few weeks through & #039; s country and recorded our impressions. Santiago de Chile A ...

    A circular route over the Alp Sigel

    Nice hike with many views and a varied area. With a max. Altitude of about 1600m it is a mixture of relaxed hiking with slightly alpine deposit.

    The Soonwaldsteig in Hunsrück

    The 85 km long Sonnwaldsteig promises five nice hiking days in the low mountain range in Rhineland-Palatinate. So let's go: 1st day start in Kirn an der Nahe. First across ...

    5-lake hike in Pizol

    A sunny weekend and the desire for nature make us decide to go on the highly praised 5-lake hike on Pizol (Switzerland). That we with ...