A circular route over the Alp Sigel

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    A circular route over the Alp Sigel

    Nice hike with many views and a varied area. With a max. Altitude of about 1600m it is a mixture of relaxed hiking with slightly alpine deposit.

    Finally back in alpstein, Although I'm skeptical in the meantime, if I go on weekend, with nice weather, losdüse. But this time I am satisfied with the choice of my route. Only a few people we meet on this route. That's why: thumbs up!

    The car we park in Brülisau and find surprisingly quickly at the creek the signpost to Alp Sigel. The path leads moderately ascending first across a meadow. Soothing is the following Waldeskühle. Possibilities for rest offer benches and small meadows. Always with beautiful views. Out of the forest, the path zigzags up to an imposing rock face. Now follow a few more demanding meters. The ascent to Zahmen Gocht is very well secured. However, the wind blows in here neatly and I'm glad for my long-sleeved shirt. A last step over a pasture fence and we are on the Alp Sigel. A plate with cows, flowers and a beautiful vision. Almost cheesy. In the Alp Sigel we treat ourselves to a break with beer and a water with elderflower juice. Delicious! In addition, not overpriced and with the lovely aelplers (you say so ?!) We immediately start a conversation. From here we choose a descent marked only as a mountain path. But this is knee friendlier than the other ways. From now on migration is announced, because here all the hiking trails are united. The hiking trail in the direction of the "Vereinsersee" is easy to walk. With a view to the Hoher Kasten, we turn off to the Plattenbödeli in front of the lake. From here, the path always descends to Brülisau.

    Nice hike with many views and a varied area. With a max. Altitude of about 1600m it is a mixture of relaxed hiking with slightly alpine deposit.

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