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    Water filter LifeStraw Flex and a humanitarian project

    The LifeStraw Flex water filter has a slightly different concept.

    Cup pudding from the supermarket: the Soul Warmer

    Years ago I lamented the disappearance of a consolation for cold evenings in the tent. Maybe my lamentation was answered, but perhaps the demand was ...

    Water treatment outdoors

    The dangers of polluted water are well known, so I only briefly recall the main sources of danger here. In the further course I go ...

    Evernew Appalachian Set - Titanium alcohol stove

    Light, lighter, titanium! The complete ultralight "built-in" kitchen Appalachian set with Ti Pot 500 and spirit burner ECA 268R Evernew brings no 200 grams to the ...

    Blueberry cacao making energy bars for regeneration itself

    Thanks to the high-quality ingredients, carbohydrates and protein are quickly added to the body after exercise, and especially the blueberries also have an antioxidant effect and thus help with rapid regeneration.

    nu3 Compleat - Smart food out of the bag

    The idea of a smart food - a complete food out of the bag - fascinates me. Put the bag on, add water, shake, and you're done. All important...

    We Love Cereals: delicious handmade granola bars

    Eating on the go is always an important topic: a lot of energy, good taste and best of all still low weight. Energy or cereal bars are crowding ...

    The ultimate power breakfast

    A quick recipe for hours of energy. The all-inclusive breakfast contains everything that is good and important for a good start in the ...

    Egg white energy with ox bar

    The slightly different snack: the ox bar. Full of the best protein, it is produced from organic beef in Bavaria. Without artificial additives. Protein for athletes