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    The OutdoorBlogger advent calendar 2016

    The legendary outdoor blogger advent calendar is entering its third year! Some of the biggest and best-known outdoor bloggers from the German-speaking world have been starting since 2014 ...

    What is hiking? The attempt of a definition

    Hiking is an activity of the legs - and a state of the soulJosef Hofmiller This bon mot by the Allgäu writer and ...

    mitraus.de - the carpool for mountain friends

    Mitraus.de is your new carpool for mountain adventure: out of the city, into the adventure! Mitraus.de offers, as you can ...

    #outdooradvent door #24 - About the small steps

    Again this year, many wonderful articles for the (now) traditional outdoor blogger advent calendar have come together. With partly amusing, partly touching, and ...

    Outdoorblogger Advent Calendar 2015

    Like last year, the outdoor blogger community is giving you a special treat: the advent calendar. Every day another blogger publishes a very special article - a ...

    Round Three: fight! Or: early intervention is worthwhile!

    ... and I actually thought it was over for now.

    aufundab.eu at Galileo on the topic of functional jackets

    The editors of Galileo were probably so excited about aufundab.eu that they have asked me if I say a few words on functional jackets ...

    Interview with Mister Microadventure Alastair Humphreys

    (Advertising) He has cycled around the world, rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, and walked down a British highway in winter. Alastair Humphreys excites me ...

    Campfire romance at Microadventures

    (Advertising) The campfire is so archaic, hardly anyone can escape the fascination. For me, a campfire is part of a successful microadventure.
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