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    Outdoor, mountaineering, adventure

    Sven Giersig

    Founder & BLOGGER

    Sociologist and part-time adventurer, toothbrush decoder, desert walker and microadventurer.

    Martina Nuding


    Likes long walks - preferably with a tent. And woe, someone wants to increase your comfortable walking pace!

    Marisa Huber


    Marisa studied in Innsbruck - a dream city in the middle of the mountains! Now she lives in Basel and explores the Swiss Alps.

    Sebastian Barthenheier


    Likes to do tours in Switzerland and Italy, but actually everywhere, where he can get there quickly by train.

    Fabian Paschke


    Fabian is traveling a lot in the mountains, most of all on ski tours, mountain tours, full speed, mainly long and exhausting!

    Dirk Hättig


    Dad, hiker, climber

    Rainer Weinhold


    Computer scientist. The technician and photographer with the strongest will of all.

    Christiane Müller


    Ski touring, cycling, hiking

    Wild camping and bivouacing

    Just pitch your tent and enjoy nature? In Germany and Europe this is not allowed everywhere. We give important hints and tips.

    Muesli bar make yourself

    For your upcoming Trailläufe and hikes I would like to reveal one of my favorite recipes, with which you can conjure up super delicious cereal bars on the go.

    The energy bomb Pemmikan simply made by yourself

    Pemmican is a very rich and long-lasting mixture of dried meat, fat and various spices. As energy-rich Reiseproviant it is from the ancient Indians ...

    Comment: the matter with the mountain rescue service and unreasonableness

    First of all, the mountain rescue service is there for a single reason - so that it can provide help in the mountains! So she called ...

    10 backpacking essentials

    If you are just starting to hike, you have certainly heard many tips on what you should carry everything. Of course, everyone is ticking differently, but in principle it can be broken down to 10 essentials.

    Powerfood smoothie for Crohn's disease

    Diet in the flare up is difficult, so I present a power smoothie for Crohn's disease.
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