Six Moon Designs "Lunar Solo" Ultralight Shelter

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    Six Moon Designs "Lunar Solo" Ultralight Shelter

    Ultralight dwelling with weaknesses in ventilation

    With the Six Moon Designs "Lunar Solo" I introduce another classic among remote and Ultralight hikers in front. The construction of the one-person tent consistently relies on weight savings. As Einwandzelt it is about half as heavy (almost 700g) as comparable one-man tents, but more susceptible to condensation problems, which must be considered when choosing the campground. It is built with the help of a walking stick and at least six herring or anchor points.

    Material and workmanship

    The tent is, as described, designed as a wall tent, held by a trekking pole of at least 125cm in length. The tarpaulin and bath floor is made of Silnylon (siliconized nylon) with 30 or 40 denier thread thickness. The use of very thin Silnylon results in an enormous weight saving compared to more robust and cheap PU tarpaulins, but also compared to thicker nylon thicknesses.

    Of course, Silnylon also has some weaknesses: it can absorb some water, which makes it a bit heavier. After long downpours, it does not hurt to put the tent in the sun for a few minutes to dry or to hang. In addition, it stretches a bit, so you can assume that half an hour after the construction, the tension has to follow suit.

    Due to the fragility of the material you have to be more careful with the Lunar Solo. The campsite should be well searched before building and remove sharp branches, stones, etc. It may be advisable to use a tarpaulin, for example a light and thin polycroplane. Similarly, a large distance should be kept to fires, flying sparks burning through the material immediately.

    The processing of the tent, the seams, straps, etc. is excellent, all seams are kept straight and clean. In order to give the tent the finishing touch, you should, as with all Silnylon tents, seal the seams yourself again.

    When first setting up in a well-ventilated area, I recommend applying Seamgrip - from the inside - to all seams and allowing the tent or seams to dry for two days. You can also buy the tent for a surcharge from the manufacturer sealed. Of course, Six Moon Designs has a lot of experience with it, but it does apply the seam sealer from the outside, which bothers the optics a bit. I'm happy to take over this ten minutes of work and cost savings (McNett SilNet silicone seam sealing machine for € 7.95).

    Tip: Dilute the seam sealer with a little bit of benzine, so that it gets a little liquid-pulpy! This makes it much easier to apply and it remains after the evaporation of gasoline no ugly silicone lumps back.

    Tip 2: Apply a few wide strips of the thinned seam sealer to the extremely slippery floor, then at least the sleeping pad will not slip any more.

    The "perfect pitch" structure of the Lunar Solo

    Anleitung zum "perfect pitch" des Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo
    Instructions for the "perfect pitch" of the Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo

    For a "perfect pitch", so the perfect structure and bracing, it is advisable to contact the assembly instructions by Six Moon Designs.

    The tent will be spread on the ground after searching and cleaning the campsite. If possible, the back of the shelter should point in the wind. All loops and guying points should be loosened, the two entrances should be closed.

    1) First tighten the two side straps at the front

    2) Then you go to the back and put the middle guy back and then the middle string on the front, which later sets up the entrance and holds. Secure this with sufficient distance to the tent.

    3) The two lateral guying points on the back are attached

    4) Now you set his walking stick to about 125cm and leads him, with the tip ahead, at the entrance to the reinforcement in the "black hat" and sets up the pole. At the bottom is a tab to which a rubber loop is attached. This loop leads around the handle of the stick. This is the tent pole and the tent is built.

    5) Once around go and do some finetuning of the bracing. After a while (1 hour or when wet) then a little re-tensioning.

    Practice and tips

    The environment, differences in temperature and breathing cause condensation, which is reflected on the cold outer shell. In double-walled tents, the inner tent has some distance to the waterproof outer shell, so you do not get in contact with the wet tarpaulin and, if something drips, is somewhat protected by the inner tent. 

    In single-walled tents like the Lunar Solo eliminates the inner tent, which brings enormous weight savings. However, the choice of the best campground is important, otherwise you will hardly master the condensation. Once again, to understand how moisture condenses on cool surfaces at the mirror. In the tent it is a bit warmer, so condenses, for example, the natural moisture of the environment, but also the breath (which is good and like half a liter per sleeper corresponds). With larger temperature difference, in the case of great cold, this is more important. But above all, you notice the difference when you camp in the immediate vicinity of waters. Even sinks collect the cold air overnight - it is known to be heavier than warm air.

    Tent seating

    Here are some tips for choosing the best campsite:

    • seek dry place, avoid moss and wet grass
    • under a dense tree: this protects and isolates
    • on surveys, not looking into depressions
    • Keep distance to waters
    • relax so that draft prevails, so the humid air can escape; do not stretch to the ground
    • do not cook in the tent


    A piece of microfibre towel or another cloth helps to wipe off the condensation in the morning. For lunch, the tent and the sleeping bag should be aired briefly and, if possible, allowed to dry. Straight down suffers very much, if it is longer and repeatedly wet and can not dry out.



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    Ultralight dwelling with weaknesses in ventilation. The floor is mega slippery, but can be easily and quickly improved with some strips of silicone.Six Moon Designs "Lunar Solo" Ultralight Shelter