Alpine delights and elegance in St. Moritz, Switzerland

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    Alpine delights and elegance in St. Moritz, Switzerland

    (Advertising) birthplace of winter tourism, UNESCO World Heritage Site, protected name as a quality brand - all this describes the resort of St. Moritz in the paradisiac winter area Engadin, That it is at St. Moritz is much more than just a winter sports village, can probably already guess. The Winter Olympics have been hosted here twice, and even James Bond is here in the movie "The Spy Who Loved Me" in 1977, down the slopes. St. Moritz is known all over the world, because the rich and the beautiful live in the exclusive village at 1,856 meters above sea level, in order to enjoy the perfect winter, the luxurious location and the beautiful Upper Engadin lake region. St. Moritz stands for class, elegance and lots of breathtaking slopes. We took a look at what makes St. Moritz so special.

    Protected brand name: St. Moritz - Top of the World

    St. Moritz combines the highest quality worldwide for more than 80 years. Since 1930, the name of the place is known by the sun's trademark and even then the typical sun was protected as "The Sun of St. Moritz". Finally, in 1986, the lettering "St. Moritz Top of the World "legally protected by the sun as the very first place name in the world as a quality brand. Obviously, anyone who drives to St. Moritz does not buy a cat in a poke, because the quality and class you will meet here is in principle already guaranteed.

    Here snow sports dreams come true

    What sets St Moritz apart is, of course, the stunning offer for winter lovers. Here white-powdered mountain peaks meet a bright blue sky. The place is known to be particularly dry and sunny, while the winters are still nice and cold and therefore promise plenty of snow under the skis. In fact, the alpine winter holiday was supposed to have been invented in St. Moritz in 1864, and the first ski lift in Switzerland also went into operation there in 1935. The ski areas Corviglia, Corvatsch and Diavolezza make St. Moritz the true snow sports paradise in a class of its own. It has a total of 350 kilometers of slopes, lots of slopes for freeriding, snow parks that promise fun with kickers and Co., and beginner hills that will take every novice safely to the board. There is also something completely new to try out here, namely the world's first yoga piste. Sounds diagonal, it is probably too, but here we should be decelerated and experience a completely different departure rhythm. Whether this is for you or not is up to you.

    In addition to the high-quality pistes, you can stop by at any of the restaurants to enjoy a hearty schnitzel and a refreshing beer for lunch - or even a delicious caviar breakfast with exquisite champagne. In Corviglia alone 15 of them are waiting for the number - there is always something to recharge your batteries. But it is not just the ski and snowboard slopes that make St. Moritz on the southern side of the Alps into an ingenious winter sports paradise. Cross-country skiing, ice skating, sleigh rides, bobsledding and even curling (yes, this sport where people seem to clean the ice) are made possible here. So if you want to try something off the downhill, here is absolutely the opportunity. Of course, there is nothing wrong with just patting down the slopes from daybreak to lift closure.

    The place where medals were awarded

    With all these sports facilities it is not surprising that St. Moritz was already the venue for the Winter Olympics twice. Both 1928 and 1948 found the Winter Olympics in the Engadin St. Moritz. For the resort, the games were of immense importance, because suddenly the place became known and famous worldwide. That St. Moritz is the birthplace of winter tourism, this was only confirmed again. In 1928, this was the very first official Olympic Winter Games. The unique sporting history of the place can be experienced during a visit, because at six locations there are places with photos that tell the story of St. Moritz. Even the old Olympic Stadium, which has now been restored to a residential building, the Olympia Bob Run and the Olympic Stone in the spa park bring back memories of that time.

    Pure luxury in the Engadin

    St. Moritz stands for exclusivity, elegance and class. This is not only on the immaculate slopes, the place abounds with luxury. Furs here, luxury sleds there, exclusive brand stores abound, the place definitely has charm, but a very expensive one. The celebs can only cope, they love to play here. The place is now known for its top gastronomy, which delights true gourmet palates. Even in the hotel industry it does not lack the luxury; The shopping possibilities are as varied as you would expect in Paris and Milan. Another highlight is the Casino St. Moritz. At an altitude of 1,850 meters, this is the am highest casino in Europe, The thrill is brought here with the most popular games on tours, such as in poker tournaments and its own "Summer Poker League". In addition, there are three blackjack tables with different limits and American roulette that stands out the double zero differs from the European one, In an elegant atmosphere - as in the whole place - exciting evening hours wait, which probably have little to do with the typical après-ski.

    More than just active holidays

    Although St. Moritz is a place that attracts active snow fans, in fact, the place is characterized by much more than just the snow. Originally it was not the mountains but the mineral springs that made St. Moritz known about 3,400 years ago. The Forum Paracelsus, built in 1866, tells the story of St. Moritz's mineral springs. Other attractions provide entertainment off the slopes. The Leaning Tower, for example, with a slope of 5.5 degrees even slater than the famous Tower of Pisa. Also art galleries and museums provide culture. St. Moritz has even made it onto the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2008 with its legendary Albula cable car connecting Thusis with St. Moritz.

    Also worth a trip in the summer

    Although known as a winter paradise, St. Moritz offers no shortage of activities even in summer. Active holidaymakers in the Engadine, in particular, get their money's worth year-round. The sugared mountain peaks in the winter turn into Summer to the green mountain paradise, The Engadin offers the perfect setting for long hiking tours and adrenaline-laden mountain bike trips. The Upper Engadine lakescape is also one of the funniest water sports. Whether you just go swimming in the bathing lake, feel the legendary Maloja wind in the sails, paddle by boat or SUP on the water or give yourself up to the trend sport kite surfing, the lakes promise a multitude of highlights in summer. For those who prefer to be dry, let off steam on the golf course, enjoy the outstanding views from the back of a horse or explore the valley tub with the running shoes while jogging. Ski slopes like from a picture book, fantastic scenery of sweetened mountain peaks and a variety of winter sports opportunities make St. Moritz on the south side of the Alps a winter paradise in a class of its own. A luxurious ambience, first-class gourmet gastronomy, cultural offers and all summer activities make St. Moritz the world's number one holiday destination in the mountains.



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