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    Powerfood smoothie for Crohn's disease

    Diet in the flare up is difficult, so I present a power smoothie for Crohn's disease.

    Cup pudding from the supermarket: the Soul Warmer

    Years ago I lamented the disappearance of a consolation for cold evenings in the tent. Maybe my lamentation was answered, but perhaps the demand was ...

    Blueberry cacao making energy bars for regeneration itself

    Thanks to the high-quality ingredients, carbohydrates and protein are quickly added to the body after exercise, and especially the blueberries also have an antioxidant effect and thus help with rapid regeneration.

    The ultimate power breakfast

    A quick recipe for hours of energy. The all-inclusive breakfast contains everything that is good and important for a good start in the ...

    Muesli bar make yourself

    For your upcoming Trailläufe and hikes I would like to reveal one of my favorite recipes, with which you can conjure up super delicious cereal bars on the go.

    Infected! Prepare Yerba Mate properly and drink

    I got infected, in Chile. Yerba Mate South American style is not only a healthy thing, but also a great ritual. As...

    Pronto! A Café To Go, please!

    There are quite a few things that I do not want to do without on an adventure trip myself. Coffee is such a thing. On...

    The energy bomb Pemmikan simply made by yourself

    Pemmican is a very rich and long-lasting mixture of dried meat, fat and various spices. As energy-rich Reiseproviant it is from the ancient Indians ...

    Atay: Moroccan tea

    For many centuries, nomads roam the land, the mountains and the desert for the best grazing grounds and water, baking flatbread, and ...
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