Pronto! A Café To Go, please!

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    Pronto! A Café To Go, please!

    There are quite a few things that I do not want to do without on an adventure trip myself. Coffee is such a thing. A little luxury must be, and a hot drink is good too. The caffeine brings besides the well-known and popular Wachmachereffekt something performance increase.

    So far I have always carried soluble coffee, sugar and milk powder. In times of trouble, the devil eats flies, or drinks such a brew. The effect he did indeed, only a real pleasure is not. I was all the happier then me Pronto Café Filter Coffee was allowed to try.

    Pronto Café, these are handy packaged single servings of ground coffee, which bring the filter bag with you. The principle is simple: the packaging also serves as a filter and cleverly designed paper wings stretch over the cup as a holder. Rip up, then pour in hot water, leave briefly and have wonderfully freshly brewed coffee.




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