We Love Cereals: delicious handmade granola bars

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    We Love Cereals: delicious handmade granola bars

    Eating on the go is always an important topic: a lot of energy, good taste and best of all still low weight. Energy or muesli bars are literally crowded in there.

    From Munich comes the "Baked Bars", from the young StartUp We Love Cereals. Hand-forged so to speak, with great attention to detail, they come. The special feature is not only that the bars are actually made of natural ingredients in organic quality, but also that the packaging is made of biodegradable film.


    To test we have cracked our way through the four currently available flavors. One thing in advance: consistently delicious!

    Authentic Ben - the classic with hazelnut and sultanas

    • All were good, you can not go wrong.
    • Ingredients: Oatmeal, honey, hazelnut, sunflower oil, raw cane sugar, sultanas 11%.

    Oriental Leyla - seductive with dates, amaranth and cinnamon notes 

    • vegan by sugar beet syrup instead of honey!
    • Rainer crackled with enthusiasm: "Is there more of it?"
    • Ingredients: oatmeal, dates 14%, sugar beet syrup, sunflower oil, raw cane sugar, sultanas 7%, agave syrup, amaranth 3%, cinnamon.

    Berry Jane - fruity and slightly sour with cranberry and cashews

    • Draw, because unfortunately awesome!
    • Ingredients: oatmeal, honey, cashews 13%, sunflower oil, cranberry 11%, raw cane sugar, lemon concentrate (water, lemon juice, acidifier: citric acid, lemon oil) 2%.

    Crunchy George - with peanut, apricot and cornflakes. 

    • Svens Liebster: "Sweet and salty - exactly what I need on the way!" 
    • Ingredients: oatmeal, honey, sunflower oil, peanuts 11%, apricots 8%, raw cane sugar, cornflakes (corn).

    About how and why

    Ayla, the "inventor" was obviously annoyed by the offer of substantial snacks on the shelves of supermarkets. Flavors, flavor enhancers, chemicals, plastics - that should have been everything for nature lovers? Without further ado, they tried and baked them until these four varieties were the light of day or the oven.

    The ingredients are selected and in organic quality. For a small startup, a proper BIO certification is not affordable, but I trust her that she does not dirty your "lifework" with unclean methods. The search for a suitable packaging material was probably difficult, because We Love Cereals are, according to their own words, the first to sell the cereal bars in degradable film of polylactic acid. Even the banderoles around the bars are made of recycled paper.

    Since no chemicals are added, the bars do not last indefinitely. For preservation, as in grandma's time, sugar, or in the case of baked bars on honey, raw cane sugar or sugar beet syrup is built. It works very well, but not forever. At some point, for example, the nuts will go rancid. So eat fast and order on time.



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