nu3 Compleat - Smart food out of the bag

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    nu3 Compleat - Smart food out of the bag

    The idea of a smart food - a complete food out of the bag - fascinates me. Put the bag on, add water, shake, and you're done. All important ingredients, vitamins, calories, trace elements - drunk in a few swallows and it continues.

    Since I have to constantly pay attention to adequate calorie intake for health reasons, comes to me Compleat of nu3* Of course as called. Compleat is a specially formulated powder and, when mixed with water, replaces a wholesome meal. I either use it to replace breakfast or in between to just have some extra energy and calories available. On a day hike accompanied me two bags and a shaker, in addition to the normal food and in the gym it provides after training for rapid recovery.


    The vegetarian nu3 Compleat replaces a wholefood meal and contains not only maltodextrin and soy protein but also vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements for the muscles.

    A serving of about 550 calories, and so, at least as far as the calorie balance is concerned, is actually able to replace a complete meal - or to provide the required energy relatively quickly in sports.

    The entire list of ingredients can be found on the Website of nu3* be viewed.


    The best way to cook Compleat in a shaker is to first add 300 milliliters of water, rip open the pouch and add the powder to the shaker. Shake well and the meal is ready.


    The consistency is pleasant, like a very thin slurry. The taste is similar to a porridge and reminiscent of porridge. Compleat is not too cute, but rather neutral. You can easily experiment, for example, with hot water for breakfast or ice-cold as a snack in between. Mixed with less water, so that it creates a thicker consistency, it is also possible to mix fruit well. Even when mixed with juice instead of water, Compleat tastes much more fruity.


    Compleat is a smart food that focuses on time savings and optimal nutrition. In terms of taste, I find it quite delicious, and when I compare it subjectively, that is, in terms of taste and feel, with prescription additional foods, Compleat clearly wins. Also priced it has 29.99 for 1500 grams (about 10 servings) here the nose ahead.



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