Out and about with the Pro Trek outdoor watch from Casio

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    Out and about with the Pro Trek outdoor watch from Casio

    Already for a year I schiele the chic outdoor watches in the window of the optician. After my girlfriend told me enthusiastic about her new purchase and how much fun you had with such a clock, I was about to treat myself to a clock at the end.

    Since I wrote parallel to my thesis and for me the running in nature in this time was an even more important compensation, I wanted to run away with the clock immediately.

    First impression when unpacking

    Before I tell you about my experiences in the fresh air, I would like to tell you briefly about my first impression. When the package arrived with the clock, I was very pleased with their beautiful and high-quality packaging. Since I am an eye-human, I appreciate good design and if beautiful things are still packed sustainably, very much. The Pro Trek watch came in a plain cardboard box containing a sturdy wooden box with a practical lid, which included the watch, instructions and warranty notes. In the impact-resistant wooden box, I keep my watch protected at home until today. Everything camouflaged in the typical "outdoor colors" brown and dark green. My friend could not quite share my enthusiasm, as he looked at the processing of the clock itself. Since he is a specialist in plastics, he recognized the cheap plastic and the less robust housing. I am curious how the material behaves with time under long-term stress.

    Outdoor test

    My first attempt was then rather in the pants. I did not think that I first have to read the 110 pages manual. Although the instruction book fits in the packaging, it has been scaled down to the size of a cell phone. Thus, it is extremely thick and extremely small written. Due to the small format of the book you have to press it to read always and can not leave it open, as it always strikes on its own. Personally, I find that quite annoying because, as I said, it has over 100 pages and you have to search the site again and again under five languages without a table of contents.

    Of course, the simple basic functions can be quickly typed and read even without instructions. But since this model has so many functions, the operation becomes rather tedious. Even after I had read through the steps for the main functions such as altitude measurement, stopwatch and checking the sunset time, it was not so easy to find all the key sequences again in the forest. My girlfriend has not even looked at the guide in her competition product, everything seems more intuitive and less complicated at her watch.

    Applications and wearing characteristics

    I use the clock mainly while trail running, hiking and mountain biking, First and foremost, I enjoy the motivational data, such as altitude, distance traveled, and time that the clock delivers quickly. Especially on runs that are about time, so I can optimally divide my forces. The clock tells me how long I've been for how many Kilometers and altitude needed and for which distance I still need to save power. I do not use the recording and later evaluation of my values on the PC. For me, the function outside is important if I want to take a little luggage and relies on useful helpers.

    Most of all I use the function to play tracks on the clock in order to be able to look at the height profile on the way. In addition, I find the opportunity to me the Minute-perfect sunrise and sunset time show on the way awesome. Especially if you are lost or really in the Pampa on the way, where you do not know much, that can shorten a dark and cold way back. Or if I lie in the tent in the evening, I can better decide on what time I set my alarm clock to be able to have breakfast with the first rays of the sun, with the compass even from where it comes =). For this, I also appreciate the display illumination of the clock.

    A big plus for multi-day tours: the Clock is charged with light, whether direct sunlight or the hut lamp on again! As a result, a breakdown with empty batteries can be avoided while traveling. When I had my watch in the closet longer and wanted to take it out, I thought it was broken because the display had barely any ads. But the clock is smart and meanwhile goes into a kind of standby mode to save energy. If you then press a button, all displays will reappear as usual.

    A small drawback of wearing comfort while running: especially during fast and steep mountain running, the whole lymph is thrown into the hands and they swell along with their forearms. The relatively firm bracelet of the watch I have to then ever run by 2 holes per run, as it otherwise painfully squeezes. A softer band could help you not have to loosen it that far. Because then the scope of the tape is almost too far and beats back and forth. When mountain biking you do not have this problem, because you sit upright and the hands and arms hardly increase in volume. Even with the wheel gloves, I can easily feel and operate the thick buttons of the clock.

    With all the activities that you take the watch with, you have the great advantage of not having to get your cell phone out of your pocket for checking the time. I always had to take my cell phone to have an exact time, as the beautiful leather wristwatch is less suitable for the very sweaty activities. The cell phone then slips easily off the ground in the field, is undesirable wet from the rain or your own sweat. For the waterproof outdoor watch is awesome and also sits particularly at Mountaibiken, where you have no hand free, practically on the arm. I think the time is just the main reason for regular jogging in everyday life and also the most popular value. The manufacturer should define the essential characteristics of a watch more precisely, making it clearer and clearer in its operation. Maybe there are then more specific watches that are only suitable for certain sports. 

    operation manual

    To be honest, I have not completely gone through the entire guide to this day. The presentation of the manual reads like the instructions for a refrigerator, simply boring. The energy that you even put into the packaging during development should also be reflected in the letter of instructions. Because if a product is so diverse, then the challenge is to bring the enormous skill of the clock to the user tasty and reasonably clear. I imagine that rather as an appealing brochure with many pictures. One could represent a discipline such as walking and then briefly briefly explain the 5 most important features in speech bubbles or explain the keywords on the back then with the steps. I would definitely enjoy the clock more and I could explore new functions more easily.


    In my opinion, you just want to accommodate too many functions in this clock at once. This is overwhelming and confusing more than it brings benefits to one out there in nature: "Less is definitely more here". Certainly, some people who already have experience with similar watches get along with it faster. But enjoy reading and exploring new features, here I do not think anyone has. The manual could be completely reworked with graphics and less text and also with the design and the size of the clock, one could orient oneself on the simpler appearance of comparable outdoor clocks. Priced the clock is still relatively low, so it is interesting for beginners and "Rare users". If you want the model in white, unfortunately has bad luck, because it is not available in Europe.



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