Review Casio ProTrek WSD-F20

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    Review Casio ProTrek WSD-F20

    For a few months now I have the clock PRO TREK WSD-F20 by Casio in use. And now also about the Christmas time to write the review. I had the clock on a tour but also in everyday life in use.

    As a smartwatch, of course, I am also interested in the benefits in everyday use. For this I compare the clock also with my recent Smartwatch the Samsung Galaxy S3. I was still missing a clock that works well in everyday life but also on tour on the wrist.

    In essence, both watches are actually quite comparable. Although the Casio is missing a heart rate monitor, it has a much better stability and true water resistance (up to 50m). Both have GPS on board. Although I just switched to my smartphone when recording tracks. As a primary supplier of hiking maps (LocusMaps) I always have it in my pocket anyway. And just for the overview, the larger display is even better. The clock replaces so here rather an easier access to the current statistics or even a quick look at the next few meters of the way.

    Because of the smartphone, therefore, I have now mostly a small battery pack. As a result, the battery life is about half an hour acceptable with about 6h (while tracking), unfortunately already at a day trip to its limit. Unless you just take a break, in which you charge the clock briefly. Here I find the magnetic charging cable really super practical and easy to use. In addition to the simplicity, but it is also very small and light and can be thrown so easily in the backpack. I do not do that with the bulky inductive charging adapter from Samsung.

    However, the magnetic closure is also the biggest vulnerability of the Casio. He just goes too easy. The clock just during the break charge directly on the wrist is definitely not. With every slightest movement, the magnet loses contact. Here Casio should really urge to rework. Because actually it would be really great if I could just leave the clock on my hand for charging. So everyone has to decide for themselves whether to take a longer break on longer day trips. If you really want a long recording time, you will not be able to avoid the "big" Suunto or Garmin watches. 


    The watch has a regular Google Wear OS installed. This is super handy in everyday life but also on the road, as it just offers a good integration with Android. So there is also a Locus Map Wear App, with which you can view the outdoor hiking map directly on the clock. These are then much more accurate than Google Maps. When navigating around town again, the Google Maps app is super handy. For people like me, who use the clock mostly in everyday life, the Wear OS is simply practical. From that point of view, there is not much to say about the software, since you simply get a standard Wear OS here.

    In addition, Casio has also installed their own apps that enable activity tracking. This I find just what the display of the current statistics affects significantly better. But of course Google has already captured me in their Google fit universe.

    As already mentioned, the Casio is fully water suitable, so waterproof up to 50m, but you can record no swimming lanes. That would actually be practical for such a watch. Why, however, the display below has a small black area, I would not have expected so. Since the hardware of other round smartwatches is already on. In general, I also think that the clock reacts a bit sluggish, here might have been a bit more potent hardware.


    All in all, a good smartwatch with 90g which also works in outdoor use. But like all smartwatch developed watches, of course, only with strong limitations at runtime. Who makes rather short tours, the clock should be completely sufficient. The smartwatch features by Wear OS will also appeal to you. For longer tours you need a battery pack anyway. In everyday life, I find the clock a good companion, but lack of computing power not quite suitable for power users. For someone who wants to have a sporty everyday clock but certainly good.



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