Can do much more than just bring you on time - the outdoor watch Casio ProTrek PRW 7000

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    Can do much more than just bring you on time - the outdoor watch Casio ProTrek PRW 7000

    The anticipation for the test is great - the Casio ProTrek PRW 7000 it may be so. For someone whose first watch was a Casio F91W, bought from the hard-earned pocket money, it's the perfect opportunity to find out if this fascination still exists today. Since this applies exactly to my friend, we decide to test the clock together and he may be the lucky bearer for it. Purely visually, the watch on my narrow wrist also somewhat oversized, even if I wear a relatively large clock in everyday life. In sports, however, a watch must sit firmly and comfortably on the wrist, so that it does not interfere with fast movements.

    Than then the Clock in the wooden box* in front of you, you want to create them immediately and do not deal first with the somewhat thick manual.

    The first impression is then really good. The watch with its 46mm diameter is perfectly suitable for a male wrist. It feels very valuable and convinces with the metal ring that encases the watch glass. All buttons have a very pleasant pressure point and it immediately creates the classic "Casio-feeling", which is still known from his youth. The bracelet is very good on the wrist and is ideal for outdoor use. In contrast to silicone wristbands, no discoloration due to perspiration is to be expected here. Ultimately, however, it is a matter of taste whether one prefers a solid, rather stubborn bracelet, or a soft one appreciates. I can only say that the value and the feeling on the wrist are absolutely convincing. Even with jerky movements, the bracelet sits comfortably.

    Operation and user-friendliness

    If you want to familiarize yourself with the watch, you quickly realize that a look into the manual is essential. In times when usability is an important feature of products and products that convince by intuitive operation dominate the market, it feels very antiquated. The watch has a crown, which is used as a rotary knob for setting various functions of the clock.

    Functions like Digital compass and altimeterare available with single-purpose-use buttons. Here you can now argue about the meaningfulness, the altimeter has presented in use but very pleasant.

    First use

    When you first use the watch, it's striking that signal searching can be a tedious task, depending on where you're trying. I had to leave the clock for about an hour at the window, as described in the instructions. Once the time is synchronized, you can take the clock directly to mountain biking. On the well-known home route then come the stopwatch functionand the altimeterto use and convince both right away. Especially interesting is the Altimeter with its practical data storage(Altitude, date and time). The watch can be perfectly operated even with coarser MTB gloves and in daylight the display and the clock hands are excellent to recognize. A quick look is enough and you have all relevant information. I always notice the pleasant weight (95g) and the almost soft material, which always leaves a high-quality impression. The entire watch feels very sturdy, even if I do not want to get it on a fall test.

    The Multiband functionThe clock, which allows you to change the selected radio stations, is very convenient for traveling in different time zones. For me, the clock was already a companion on various flights to different countries and here always by a short rotation at the crown on the time adjustable. The Radio signal receptioneven turns itself on to summer or winter time. Anyone planning their sports activities outside of their own time zone is perfectly prepared for the clock.

    Not convincing, however, was the readability of the LED display in bad light. There are much more pleasant solutions on the market, which are especially convincing in sports. That started in the evening fluorescent display in the dark, unfortunately, never to light. After a while, I found that the clock needed a direct change in brightness until it began to glow. The coated hands therefore need a light source just before dark. This is feasible on a long hike at most with an additional flashlight or mobile phone, which in turn makes the lighting of the clock superfluous. As a second lighting feature However, you can also illuminate the display by pressing a button.

    Insensitivity to cold and thermometer:Even on two days of minus temperatures on the slopes, the clock works perfectly as expected. According to the manufacturer, the clock temperatures of -10 ° C do not matter. Since you wear it directly on the well-blooded wrist, this should not be the case. The thermometer is limited in its precision: Unfortunately, the temperature measurement measures only after the clock is off the ambient temperature and is even worn open on the wrist, strongly influenced by the body temperature. Here, the position of the temperature sensor and the type should be considered. The sensor can measure temperatures from -10 ° C to 60 ° C.

    After the day of skiing, the clock was still allowed in the thermal bath and was able to get her water resistanceto prove. However, she did not reach her limit in the swimming pool, because the clock actually stops 20 bartight.

    Other practical features of the versatile outdoor watch are Barometer (260/1100 hPa) and a timerincluding five different daily alarms. In addition, the clever height additionsum up only the ascended altitude and at the end of the entire height difference of a tour.

    Very funny, I think the so-called "Fishing timer"With a fish symbol to indicate when is the best time to fish. Maybe you catch a delicious dinner on your way home = D. As a little gimmick, I feel the Hand moving functionin which the pointer at the touch of a button, the view of the digital display free. They move quickly aside, which I can look at again and again like a small child fascinated.

    You just do not want to take it off

    If you read through the feedback above, you get the impression that the clock could go down in the environment of the outdoor clocks. For some complicated solved technical details this is certainly correct. This could solve other providers easier and more convincing. However, if you have created this watch once on your wrist and take the time to learn the individual functions, you simply will not want to miss it anymore. The workmanship and the playful menu have an inexplicable charm. The sporty look, the great bracelet and the many options make this watch easy. Due to its technical details, the watch is versatile and fits any athlete who can invest the necessary small change. Casio has and has always had a special charm that you either like or not. The ProTrek excites me without me being able to pin it to something specific - playful coolness and versatility probably do it best.



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