Hiking Deluxe with Lady's Summit: Faulhorn

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    Hiking Deluxe with Lady's Summit: Faulhorn

    On friday afternoon we went comfortably: with the rack railway from Wilderswil to the Schynige plate, After a brief meeting with the leg, a sumptuous dinner menu was already on the program. The rooms at Hotel Schynige Platte are decorated in a grandmother's style, with vanities and all the trimmings. Also around the hotel everything is lovingly decorated and eagerly admired and snapped, everywhere you can still discover a detail more. With a last look at the triumvirate Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau we fall asleep.

    Quite mountainous-untypical we get up comfortably, have breakfast, drink another coffee ... and go off at nine o'clock in the direction of Faulhorn. Six hours of walking are to be estimated, we expect eight - with breaks. Again typical of a mountain trail is not quite without altitude, an up-and-down, most of the time the Eiger in the right corner of the eye. Via the alpine huts of Oberberg, you will reach the Loucherhorn, the summit of which you will bypass to the south. The karst landscape up here is just wonderfully bizarre. The view to the north falls down to Lake Brienz and across to the foothills. To the south you look into the mighty glacier landscape of the Bernese High Alps with the highest of the Berner, the 4274m high Finsteraarhorn. Later, at the mountain house Männdlenen We treat ourselves to a Pannache (Schwizerdütsch for cyclists), spend some time in the sun and collect energy and calories for the next hundred meters.

    Suddenly it gets fresh, and the steep slope of the Faulhorn emerges from the clouds at the end of the path. Maybe it's 80 meters to climb, from the fork to the summit. The sun comes out punctually and we go for it sportily. After a hard day's work, the restaurant at the summit offers a tasty and soothing soup with sausage and a ski water, followed by a visit to the summit.

    From now on, the now wide and gravelly path meanders down several meters to the Bachalpsee. The tourist density here increases noticeably. The last piece to the station First moves so pretty well. A high on the First-Bahn, which saves us several meters of altitude stupid downhill!



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