Bernadeinkopf over Alpspitze-Nordwandsteig

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    Bernadeinkopf over Alpspitze-Nordwandsteig

    It is quite early in the morning, we catch one of the first driveways and gondolas comfortable on the Osterfelder head. Directly we march towards the north wall. There is not much happening yet, most of them up here are on their way to the Alpspitz Ferrata. However, we keep left at the junction and follow the signs "Nordwandsteig", into the tunnels through the Alpspitz north face.

    The trail is narrow and partly exposed, but always easy to walk and defused in the right places with wire ropes, climbing aids and iron pins. The weather is awesome, hardly a cloud in the sky, but already quite warm. Cozy, with a lot of far and low vision, we hike and scramble there. The path can not be missed, and we are already at our destination: the Bernardeinkopf. Here we rest, enjoy the view and make us soon back on the way back. We hope to be back at the train station before the midday heat. 

    Back at the Osterfelderkopf we suddenly become very small. There is a tumultuous casserole. Krass, what can be up here on a Wednesday afternoon! He wanders and flies, posing and strutting, drinking, laughing and sweating up here, making you dizzy. AlpspiX Attracts the masses.

    A short conversation with the "guardian" clarifies: without the Metallungetüm for the safe adrenaline kick there would not be the Osterfeldkopfbahn, including entertainment and jobs. In the years prior to the construction of the AlpspiX, just in the summer months, only around 500 people drove up. Calculated too little over the year to continue to operate the railway. A solution was needed.

    Well, that's just the other side of the Alps. Instructed for the tourism, which despite outdoor and hiking boom also simply can not stay. In winter, this dependency is even more blatant.




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