Tightrope Heimgarten - Herzogstand by fair means

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    Tightrope Heimgarten - Herzogstand by fair means

    Wednesday, 10 o'clock. It's the first real summer day of the year and I'm free. Actually, a perfect day to lull around in partial shade and let your mind wander. But some strange automatism hooked in on me, and by eleven o'clock, only fortified by four cups of coffee, I was on my way to Ohlstadt.

    To be honest, I can not remember exactly how I came up with this idea: Heimgarten "by fair means". Probably, because the Klotz me always so mischievously anfeixt, because I have him once, then with the help of Herzogstandbahn, "Climbed". Of course also because the most beautiful mountain weather is, which should last into the evening.

    Whatever it was, that kick was in the ass. So I'm walking along the Loisach. No, actually I curse shortly after Murnau about the unfamiliar heat. The new backpack, especially for the tour in the Val Grande purchased, is half filled with about four liters of water, sunscreen, a handful of gels, warm jacket, rain jacket, camera, odds and ends rocking slowly. After about seven kilometers I find in Ohlstadt a small store, opposite a bank. In the shop I find a sprightly gentleman who sells me a packet of Kaminwurzn, two pretzels, 0.75 liters of water and a Red Bull. In the shadow of the cemetery wall, I let myself down to brunch.

    From down here, the home garden does not look so big and bulky, the tour should be - now it is about noon - be good to create.

    During the ascent, I already play through several variants: To the Bärenfleckhütte and turn around. To the summit and descend again to Ohlstadt. Or over the ridge, take the train and return by bus. Well, always have a "Plan B" in your pocket to variable (or better: at whim, or, more honestly, on their own, currently barely assessable conditional options) to respond.

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