Marwees in two moves

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    Marwees in two moves

    After a few weeks ago, the weather forecast had improved in the short term, it was something spontaneous in the Alpstein to the classic, the Marwees (again) to climb.

    Overnight in the stable

    It started on Saturday afternoon by train to Brülisau, from where a steep forest road on the Plattenbödli leads to the Lake Allis. After this initial effort, we took a break to try out our new toy, a drone. The goal for today was the Furgglenalp, As a way we chose an alternative route, not the normal forest road leads to Bollenwees, but we climbed up the first part of the way to Stauberern. From the Rainhütten, the remaining horizontal distance to Bollenwees can easily be covered here. This area is much nicer to walk than the alternatives in the valley.

    Arrived at the Furgglenalp, we moved quarters in the stable. This seems to have been rebuilt recently and now contains a very spacious dormitory directly above the cows. In addition to the mattresses, there are benches to Vespern and a magnificent view of the Hohen Kasten. The Alp offers a rustic kitchen, with bread and snacks. When we had just ordered, asked the boss if we want the leftover Älplermakronen, which of course we could not refuse! Who does not have this luck, but can walk in about 5 minutes to the mountain inn Bollenwees and there to order a full menu.

    Breakfast with a view

    The next morning there was a rich breakfast with bread, coffee, cheese and jam. After refilling the water supplies, we started in the direction of Marwees. For this we had to go down about the Bollenwees and therefore again about 150 meters to point P1316. From there begins the actual ascent to Bogartenlücke - which one, coming from this side, not reached, but just before it turns on the white-blue-white marked Marwees route.

    After the first steep part there is an exposed crossing, after which one is almost on the ridge. We made a longer rest there, so to speak above the Bogartenlücke, to strengthen ourselves. From here you can also enjoy the fantastic view. The rest of the route is now a well-trodden path along the ridge. Until the cross at p1990 it goes a bit uphill, from there, the track but then almost on a level with fantastic views.

    If there would not be the descent 

    In the back area, the path then goes past the actual main Marwees summit and ends on the Widderalpsattel. From this we descended directly over Trüest. Whether this shortcut was worth it for us is questionable, as we made a detour back to Meglisalp. But who runs without Wasserwasserauen this trip, it saves a little time safely here.

    After a very short break on the Meglisalp, there will be a hurry to catch up with the bad weather. On the way to Wasserauen it had thundered, but luckily we only saw rain in the distance. The train for the drive home we reached without getting wet.


    The Marwees is a great tour, especially in good weather you have a great view. Although there are some exposed areas, so probably the T4 rating, but in the run direction, from the Bogartenlücke to Widderalpsattel, these bodies are mostly in the ascent, which defuses such places quite well. No matter in which direction, the Marwees is a fantastic ridge, which one should always commit.




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