La Sportiva climbing trousers "Solution"

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    La Sportiva climbing trousers "Solution"

    The La Sportiva Solution Pant not only looks outrageously good, but is also really practical. I wear them for climbing, hiking or just like that. In yellow, it is a real eye-catcher anyway: on the rock, I find it important for security reasons, at least to wear a garish-colored part. In the city, it stands out as a "the world is colorful" statement from the gray-black Allerlei. It looks best when worn in blue or black.


    Due to the high stretch, the pants are very soft and do not pinch even at high stride or sweeping movements. Especially when climbing, she is sometimes fucked hard, the cotton material turns out to be very durable and resistant to abrasion. The preformed knees and lower leg area is also reinforced with Cordura. The waistband is flat and elastic, worn under the harness or backpack tweaks nothing here.

    The material of the Solution Pant is not really softshell, but has very similar wearing properties: a pleasantly soft feel, quite stretchy, very wind resistant, and even slightly water repellent. The big advantage over softshell pants is that it does not get so stuffy-hot in it, even when the sun hits. The high percentage of cotton plays its strengths here in summer.


    The pants have two front normal pockets, which are unfortunately not lockable, and two pockets at the back. On the right thigh sits still a narrow and long leg pocket (for example for the Boulder brush or the Topo) as well as a zipper lockable smaller bag. This is also really useful, because it is set so low that the leg loops of the climbing strap do not come to lie over it.


    For all occasions a wonderful (and in yellow!) Pants, which I now like to put on outside to climb. So the weather can sometimes swing, without being "underdressed" on the fourth stall and starts to freeze. Sure, it's not a hard shell, but as long as it's not raining out of buckets, the solution works pretty well despite cotton. I'm curious how the weather protection develops until autumn after many washes.



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