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    Bike, Hike and dolce vita on Lake Garda

    Bike Festival Garda Trentino 2014

    A perfect weekend for all bike fans: the bike festival in Riva del Garda The bike festival takes place every year in early May over a long weekend ...

    Hike in the Val di Breguzzo

    The Val di Breguzzo is a wonderfully wild valley in the southern part of the Adamello group at the foot of the Cima D'Arnó.

    Trentino: hiking and climbing in northern Italy

    (Advertising) For the second time this year, I was in Italy in beautiful Trentino. A repeat offender so to speak. What me ...

    Sporty mountain hike Croz dell 'Altissimo

    Summit of the Croz dell 'Altissimo in the clouds After a little over two hours we stood on the cloud-covered summit of Croz dell' Altissimo at 2339 meters. For...

    Liveblogging: Sportscheck Outdoor-Testival in Molveno

    Sportscheck invited again this year to the outdoor testival in Molveno, Trentino. For the eleventh time almost 300 outdoor enthusiasts will meet at the event. This is how it works ...

    Climbing in Arco - Dolce Vita on Lake Garda

    (Advertising) Summer, sun, water ... that's also here on Lake Constance. However, we have no good coffee, no antipasti, no dolce vita and already ...
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