Trentino: hiking and climbing in northern Italy

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    Trentino: hiking and climbing in northern Italy

    (Advertising) For the second time this year I have been in Italy in the beautiful Trentino on road. A repeat offender so to speak.

    What draws me there is not only the weather (which is not always better than on the north side of the Alps). I'm attracted by the combination of wild landscape, rugged mountains, beautiful limestone cliffs, and sweet life, espresso and pizza, dolce vita and culture. And of course, the warmth of Trentino, which bursts out of bustle behind the façades once you've exchanged a few words.

    The first time this year I was in July for a few days in Riva del Garda, We fled from the weather and settled on a nice campsite. From there, our "Base Camp Brione", we have broken into the surrounding climbing areas. I think it happened then: we got infected! 

    Now I am fresh back from the second trip to Trentino. Again our basecamp was in Riva del Garda, again we had our climbing gear with us - plus our hiking boots. I stopped at Molveno Lake for an outdoor testival.

    After that a few days left for Riva, Arco and the climbing areas around. The second time is always different, you dive deeper into country and people, in the culture and the customs. Somewhat safer you now move around the cultural faux pas, dares approaching another approach, already knows a little in the corners and angles that may have been hidden from the newcomers.

    In the morning, the fogs that swirl around the quaint Rifugios that pull through the mountains, climbing on the day mountaineering peaks or in sunlit walls sports climbing, a cool swim in the many small lakes, in the evening the hustle and bustle in the piazzas with gelati, Pizza and wine, the obligatory coffee in the climbing café Conti di Arco. Hach! I will come back.




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