Hike in the Val di Breguzzo

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    Hike in the Val di Breguzzo

    The Val di Breguzzo is a wonderfully wild valley in the southern part of the Adamello group at the foot of the Cima D'Arnó.

    On the Saturday of the SportScheck Outdoor Testival in Molveno, Thomas, a young and committed mountain guide, leads us through this quiet and comparatively lonely valley.

    From the parking lot Ponte Pianone (1231m) we start on old paths, which were created as supply and supply routes during the First World War. It is simply upgraded to a driveway, past rich vegetation and waterfalls. Thomas knows the valley and its nature very well, we stop again and again, he explains the plants along the way, their importance for the area and the medical benefits. Amusingly, we rise higher, until we Rifugio Trivena (1650m) and continue through a dice game of big ones Boulder blocks go. A participant prefers to stay at the Rifugio, the knees. On the stream we refresh ourselves with water and, above, with many blueberries that grow along the way. The way up is now a mountain trail, narrow, but not difficult. The soldiers did a great job and defused difficult and steep spots with large granite blocks.

    Amphitheater Pian de Redont

    A little later we arrive at the amphitheater, the vast plateau Pian de Redont (1970m), framed by high cliffs with waterfalls running through them. Exhaustively we rest and enjoy, chat and enjoy the sun. Thomas recognized the climber in me, and we talked about the difference between the granite here and the dolomite over there, some valleys on. He showed me some exciting lines up here, chatted about his imminent Patagonia expedition, his appointment as a mountain guide and much more.

    At almost the same height, the trail runs along the other side of the valley, subtly losing altitude, but shining with sunshine and filled with many delicious berries. Air - light stroll in the fantastic mountains - what a treat after the athletic ascent of the Croz dell 'Altissimo yesterday!

    Living like God in Italy: Rifugio Trivena

    Arriving on the terrace of Refugio Trivena, with the obligatory Espresso Macciato, I tried a Trentino specialty "carne salada"- Italian meat salad in about. Warm beef, lightly seasoned and sliced thinly, a little lemon and olive oil over it, served with white beans. The sun is shining, the food is delicious, cats strut across the terrace. Everyone is fine.

    Adventurous fairytale forest

    We are from a true enchanted forest swallowed, moist, fragrant, full of mushrooms and mossy stones. Unfortunately, the way was probably torn away by an avalanche, so we had to reverse after about 45 minutes. The road was not easy, slippery, stony and full of roots. The two ladies were uncomfortable with the moment of turning back, we could almost feel slight despair. With united forces, lots of incentive and hold hands, we managed together out of the forest. Thomas was great, despite his own disappointment with himself for having led the group to a dead end, he kept the nerves and the weakest of the group in the eye or on the hand.

    Again at the Refugio we talked briefly, Thomas organized the metallurgists of the hut people and shipped the ladies inside. The descent would go very much to the knees, over an hour on a sloping road is not really fun. As luck would have it, the metallurgists brought two cars to the start and our entire group swung down the valley. Loud rock music, hearty laughter, short attempts to find the seat belt. Exactly my taste, I grinned into myself, on my backpack, wedged between the two folding seats in the trunk of a Land Rover.



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