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    Computer scientist. The technician and photographer with the strongest will of all.

    Review Casio ProTrek WSD-F20

    For a few months now I have the watch PRO TREK WSD-F20 from Casio in use. And now also about the Christmas time ...

    Marwees in two moves

    Overnight stay in the stable It was not until Saturday afternoon by train to Brülisau, from where a steep forest road over ...

    Bike, Hike and dolce vita on Lake Garda


    Outdoor Research Helium - comfortable bivy sack in the test

    For a long time I had asked myself the question, if for shorter trips with few overnight stays a luxury bivy bag with linkage would be worthwhile ....

    In the test: Backpack Osprey Variant 37

    During the ice climbing course in mid-January, I tested the Alpin and Ice Climbing Backpack Variant 37 from Osprey. The first impression before use: The Osprey Variant ...

    Ice climbing course in Sellrain

    Can you climb waterfalls? Sure, that's called ice climbing! For this year I wanted to move a bit, so I have ...
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