Liveblogging: Sportscheck Outdoor-Testival in Molveno

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    Liveblogging: Sportscheck Outdoor-Testival in Molveno

    Sportscheck invited again this year to the outdoor testival in Molveno, Trentino. For the eleventh time almost 300 outdoor enthusiasts will meet at the event. This is all about one thing: outdoor gear and fun with fresh air activities.

    What is the SportScheck Outdoor Testival all about?

    Various manufacturers of outdoor products show the latest hot shit and offer the participants the opportunity to jackets, pants, shoes and other To rent equipment and to test directly on a tour. 

    The program and tour offer

    In addition Sportscheck offers in cooperation with Vivalpin different Tours in the area the beautiful Brenta. Whether it's a mountain hike, a mountain bike, river trekking, or climbing trip, or whether you want to try the SuP (stand-up paddeling) or canoeing or canyoning, experienced guides are available for all these outdoor sports, who also instruct in the basics of the respective sport and are accompanying the tours.

    As a blogger at the event

    On Thursday evening it officially started with a welcome round and a pasta party, Trentino specialties were later handed to the wine. A pleasant start with a lot of talk and hello. In a social blogger round we were able to talk shop at the specially designated blogger Stammtisch. One comment was, "Blogger? These are the ones with the smartphones "- you know that yes 😉 with sat at the blogger's regulars' table wandern-bonn.deklimbingkorns.delinaluftig.deradblog.orgabenteuersü, the and, on Friday, that still came and the to.

    Since I myself know it was not so with the water, I rather oriented myself on the mountainous tours - beautiful mountains are there around the Molveno lake finally enough.

    The tours

    Friday: sporty mountain tour on the Croz dell 'Altissimo
    Saturday: leisurely hike that Breguzzo valley up

    Disclaimer: Sportscheck Invited me to the event and sponsored the hotel night and a travel allowance.




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