Sporty mountain hike Croz dell 'Altissimo

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    Sporty mountain hike Croz dell 'Altissimo

    Summit of Croz dell 'Altissimo in the clouds

    After a little over two hours we stood on the cloud-covered summit of Croz dell 'Altissimo at 2339 meters. For the early afternoon, a thunderstorm was predicted, so we set off again after a short summit rest with cereal bars. The descent was then, already a bit tired as we were, demanding fast. Again, the group diverge noticeably. We stumble over the blocks, which are rather slippery from the wet, some of them involuntarily took the butt as relegation aid. Luckily the trail is not very dangerous and only exposed in the summit area. However, there are some deep holes in the middle area, in the busy and overgrown block terrain, in which one could slip.


    On the breezy ridge, the cloud cover finally ripped open for a moment, revealing the view of Molveno Lake. Finally the tree line, fix through the steep forest, finally the hut, finally espresso and a large juice spritzer. I did not look at the clock, but the descent was ... say: rapid. An hour and thirty minutes earlier than planned, we were back in the base camp on the lake.

    Conclusion: A rather long and exhausting tour in a time that can be seen: 2: 20h for 900Hm climb, probably 4:30 hours for the complete tour of Rifugio and back. When wet, not easy.



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