Climbing in Arco - Dolce Vita on Lake Garda

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    Climbing in Arco - Dolce Vita on Lake Garda

    (Advertising) Summer, sun, water ... that's also here on the Lake Constance, However, we have no good coffee, no antipasti, no dolce vita and certainly no such limestone cliffs with such a magnificent view!

    We did it and left for Arco for a few days. Come out, in key words, is:

    • 32 mosquito bites
    • 4-star Brione campsite in Riva del Garda in a luxury 3-person tent with clean showers 24 hours a day.
    • some 5c, some more in the lower 5s and many in between in the climbing gardens Belvedere, Muro dell 'Asino, 
    • A preference for gently overhanging and fairly secure lime 😉
    • A happy radiance of my companion at the first own stand
    • a large amount of Italian salami, red wine and cheese and of course really good coffee


    Muro dell 'Asino

    Located above Laghel with a nice approach directly from the small chapel. Refill the water bottles here because the climb can be quite exhausting in the heat. From the approach you come across the central sector and on the right you see a worthwhile 5c, in the flat part some relatively light 5s over greasy, flat lime. Then a small wall above, which represents the last challenge 😉 A 60 meter rope is advantageous in some routes further to the left. In the sector to the left more difficult, sometimes quite steep walls, but also other slabs. Overall, the climbing garden is very well maintained, with a picnic area and plenty of space for children to play, even a toilet house was set up.


    The name is here program! Lime underfoot, the view sweeps over Torbole and Lake Garda, a gentle breeze blows from the lake and cools the hot-climbed fingers and feet. The wall foot of sector A is shaded by trees and really cozy. Rather hardly stripped down and really nice routes in good lime from 4 to 6a. Slight, sometimes small-handed and even under-grip climbing up to about 13 meters in length.

    New approach: Since the parking and boarding was probably really dangerous because of the winding road, there is now a large parking lot right after the roundabout at the entrance to Nago. From here on the newly created path in about 15 minutes promising to rise to the sectors.


    Camping Brione in Riva del Garda is a 4-star eco-campsite that leaves nothing to be desired. If you want to take a dignified approach, you can also directly in a nice hotel such as in this one here quartered.


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