Lightweight: Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z hiking poles

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    Lightweight: Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z hiking poles

    After a small accident, the purchase of new hiking poles started. Right now it's turning weight spiral down my equipment, and so it was clear that the sticks also had to be lighter. The Black Diamonds have been tested many times and are a kind of benchmark.

    The Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z are undoubtedly one of the lightest hiking poles on the market. The weight of 290 grams per pair is achieved through the use of carbon fibers and the elimination of adjustment. You buy the stick according to height, with 1.80 meters fits me the 125 centimeters in length. Below the handle, the foam coating is continued, so you have a non-slip grip even below the handle.

    Material, construction, processing

    The shaft of the Sticks is made of carbon fibers made, which are z-folded together. The absence of elaborate locking and adjustment not only saves weight, there are also fewer mechanical parts that can break.

    The light hand loops are adjustable by Velcro, but you can also solve them completely.


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    The unfolding of the Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z poles is really fast, often the pull on the handle is enough and the three segments slip into each other. Once the segments are put together, the stick and the segments are engaged or locked by a strong pull on the handle. The folding is done in the opposite direction: A pull on the handle releases a small button that you press to push the handle over the upper segment. This loosens the tension of the inner Kevlar cord wrapped in a tube and allows the three segments to fold together effortlessly. On the plate at the top sits a recess into which the handle part is clicked. Now the sticks shortened to 40cm are wonderfully stowed away.



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