Ultralight outdoor kitchen

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    Ultralight outdoor kitchen

    The complete kitchenette in the backpack

    The new, hot shit on the long trails in the US is "going stoveless" and "cold soaking". For weight reasons, some refrain from the kitchen utensils and just eat cold. Also (ready) soups and stews are eaten only cold. In closable containers, let the food soak for hours, rehydrate, and then you spoon the cold mush in the evening.

    For me, the cold soaking is nothing, I just "reward" me with a warm meal in the evening - and with one to three coffee in the morning and in the evening.

    So, in this article, I introduce my ultra-light outdoor kitchen, I'll talk about each ingredient and introduce my daily ration of a typical, typical hiking day.

    My outdoor kitchen in detail

    The basis for the entire kitchen is the Evernew Appalachian TI set. The set I have already presented here onceThat's why I'll summarize here only briefly what is included:

    Evernew Appalachian Ti Set
    Cooker for alcohol36 g
    Bracket / bottom part24 g
    windshield24 g
    grid6 g
    Pot with lid, 600 ml85 g
    Cloth for cleaning and oven mitts6 g
    Pack bag7 g

    All items are made of titanium and weigh together, depending on the size of the pot used (500 ml / 600 ml), a maximum of 320 grams!

    Depending on how the holder and the windscreen put together, I can either use alcohol, which is also the most comfortable for me. With the Titan grille higher, I can fire Esbit, and the grate below is the firing pad for small sticks and twigs for the Hobo Stove configuration.

    I usually use the larger 600 milliliter pot from Evernew, which I bought extra. There are still some small parts in it:

    Additional, in a pot set
    BIC lighter, mini11 g
    Rag and sponge, halved10 g
    Esbit tablet for emergencies or as a tinder14 g
    Both Aquamira vials to disinfect drinking water(90g)

    Additional items I count towards the outdoor kitchen:

    Additional in the food bag
    Titanium spoon with a long handle17 g
    (depending on the tour) roll up cutting board(31 g)
    Alcohol bottle, 330ml Caprisonne bag10 g
    Pot / Pouch Cozy, homemade20 g
    Water bag Cnoc Vecto, 2 liters, for dirty water72 g
    Water bottle from the supermarket, 1l30 g
    LifeStraw water filter (if I do not disinfect with Aquamira)(69g)
    Swiss pocket knife mini for the keyring21 g
    Foodbag HMG Pod large, with some cord and carabiner47 g
    trash bags10 g

    Overall, the weighs complete kitchen about 650gwhere, for example, the pocket knife and the soap are multi-use, so can be expected to the bathroom. So for the sake of simplicity, I counted the knife here to the kitchen, and the soap to the bathroom.

    daily rations

    A typical day with rather short multi-day tours in mountainous terrain, I estimate with about 2500 kilocalories, Usually, then at the end of the tour even something left over.

    The "hiker hunger" starts after several weeks, at the beginning of a tour I usually have less hunger and even have to force myself to eat sufficient quantities. It works better with me if I do distribute several snacks to the day and try through Beverage powder and gels to get the necessary calories.

    Instant coffee bag with milk & sugar6 g85216,50,5
    Muesli with milk powder, topping oat105 g428184813
    Having lunch
    loaf100 g1881386,5
    Cheese / sausage130 g46040g26g
    peanut butter30 g25019,53,812
    Bag food, freeze-dried130 g450175616
    granola bar60 g22615203
    Snickers60 g24111,530,54
    Trail mix with salted nuts, M & M, dried fruits70 g120141513
    gel70 g6516
    Drinkmix Recovery25 g931137,5
    Olive oil (in 100ml Kids fruit puree bag)15 g12814
    total786 G264115224494

    For this I need about 30 grams of spirit per day, so without packaging, I come to about 800 grams of food and consumables per tour day.



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