A declaration of love to a shoe

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    A declaration of love to a shoe

    I've never written a declaration of love for a shoe. - but after many years of togetherness it's time to get out. This is our outing.

    For years we live together, often you nestle, especially when it's dangerous, wild and exhausting, to me. Here you give me stability and security, you strengthen me and you dampen so much. You, my Altra Lone Peak.

    You are absolutely no fashion statement, no slick Rennschlappe, not particularly sporty to look at and too clumsy. But your inner values are what counts for me. I just like you!

    Altra Lone Peak 3.5
    Altra Lone Peak 3.5

    Construction - from top to bottom

    Your structure of the one described here Altra Lone Peak 3.5 is actually like any other sneaker, what should change. Above the shoe body, down the sole, in between some magic marvel of high-tech, whose material name you should not pronounce (can).



    The upper shoe - the mesh

    A hole is known to be a hole, because it has an edge, In the 3.5th version of the Altra Lone Peak, this edge, which later flatters the fetlock, is made of soft and supple material. The rest is made up of airy (meanwhile reasonably durable) mesh. In earlier versions, this mesh has already buckled and broken. In the usual places: where there is constant buckling by rolling. In the 3.5 version, the mesh is reinforced at these points, but overall, through the use of apparently more robust mesh fabric, the breathability suffered somewhat.

    Leggings and Gaiter Traps

    A little further down are the gaiter traps all around. At the forefoot are the small metal eyelets, at the heel a Kletthalterung. On the inside and outside small tabs. These fortifications are there to attach the new Altra spats to it. The old leggingsAs I use them, the front has only a small metal hook for the eyelet and behind a piece of Velcro, which is hung in the Gaiter trap. The newer leggings also have eyelets on the sides, to prevent them from laughing. I have not seen that yet. The old leggings keep up with the new shoes as well. First and foremost, they should prevent small stones from entering the shoe and rolling around there annoyingly until they finally find the perfect spot for a bubble.

    Gaiter Trap am Altra Lone Peak 3.5
    Gaiter Trap at Altra Lone Peak 3.5

    FootShape Toebox - room for toes

    The unique selling point Altra is the extra wide toe box, The Altras look at first glance like something sporty health slippers from the orthopedic business, but after the first run or the first hike, the somewhat chunky appearance suddenly no longer plays a role.

    So much space for the forefoot is just not common in most other shoes. It also feels strange at first, and not everyone likes the airiness of the room around their toes. The foot, the balls, the toes, everything can stretch, stretch, adjust and contract as the ground needs at the moment.

    The forefoot is not restricted in Altras and guided by the shoe, which eventually causes the foot to jump back to its real task: the forward movement and damping. In addition, the entire foot is strengthened - and I actually get hardly more bubbles!

    Neu beim Altra Lone Peak 3.5: seitliche Gaiter Traps
    New on the Altra Lone Peak 3.5: lateral gaiter traps

    The sole, the damping monster

    The most important part of a running shoe, or as in the case of the Altra Lone Peak 3.5, a long-distance trail runner, is the sole.

    One of the design principles and of Altra is their "zero drop". But what is behind Zero Drop? On the one hand a philosophy, on the other hand a technical construction principle. 

    Technically means Zero Drop: the shoe is the same height in the back as in the front, that means it has zero blasting. The heel is not elevated in the shoe. So he can go even, despite the mega cushioning, as a barefoot shoe.

    Philosophically, this is then among runners and pedestrians of all kinds to the question of faith: shoes are responsible for the consistently high injury rates in running, high-tech shoes kill or cripple at least the feet, etc. Key words such as Natural Running, Natural Movement, Barefoot, evolution of the foot and so on and so forth then fall in such conversations. Conversations that sometimes degenerate into heated discussions and commute between evolutionary science, medicine, podiatry, orthopedics, and any long-distance Mexican.

    Clearly, Altra uses the Zero Drop approach to take the side of the slightly esoteric Natural Running Movement. The shoes should protect and not support and support the foot or offer any other magic help to get the last minute out of the 10 kilometers. The shoes are made for long and fatigue-free running at very long ultra-distances.

    The sole

    The sole of the Altras clings to the stollen rough in the ground. A good rubber compound for both softground and hardground, makes the sole quite sturdy, even for walking on hard ground. Sure, a little bit of wastage is always bustling, on average my Lone Peaks are raked down after 1 to 2 years. But I also wear them in everyday life, on the street, in the work - and also on hikes, via ferratas, in mud and snow (by the way: knights, spikes or claws like the Snowline Chain make the Altras suitable for winter).

    The damping

    Well dampened he is definitely. Altra speaks of "moderate damping" and 25mm stackheight, but compared to my other running shoes that is clearly understated. You walk on a couch, bumps in the ground are simply swallowed. The Lone Peak is the Stoneguard sole, so a puncture-resistant plate, installed directly in the shoe - in other Altras you can leave for weight optimization at home.

    Back to the sole: as hard as it all sounds, it is not at all: the shoe reacts well and directly, it gives enough pressure on the ground without somehow "sinking". Also, you do not stand so high in it that you feel like kinking is going very fast.

    Perhaps because of the absolute ease, the Altras are so popular on the great hikes like the Pacific Crest Trail, the Appalachian Trail and the Continental Divide Trail. Minimalist and sturdy enough, plenty of room for the feet, good cushioning. It does not really take more for a good shoe.



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