Water filter LifeStraw Flex and a humanitarian project

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    Water filter LifeStraw Flex and a humanitarian project

    Lightweight water filter with activated charcoal element.

    We got another water filter for the test: the LifeStraw Flex, This filter follows a slightly different, extended concept. 

    The water filter LifeStraw Flex

    The complete filter element is sunk in the supplied soft water bottle and you can drink directly and conveniently from this complete system. The built-in activated carbon filter ensures better taste and extra security. The thread of the filter element also fits on standard PET bottles.

    Recently we have an article about Water treatment outdoors in which we explain why water has to be filtered and processed.

    Building the LifeStraw Flex

    The Lifestraw Flex is built as a two-phase filter:

    The first phase consists of a 0.2 micron microbiological filter which, according to the manufacturer, removes 99.999999% bacteria and 99.999% protozoa and can filter a total of 2000 liters before it needs to be replaced.

    The second phase consists of a replaceable activated carbon filter, which, according to the manufacturer, significantly reduces chlorine, lead and other heavy metals, which significantly improves the taste (and smell). This part of the filter has to be exchanged after 100 liters. 

    LifeStraw provides in-depth insights into the laboratory and measurement results of their filters, along with explanations of what was measured.

    In addition to a short manual, a syringe is also included as it is necessary to flush the filter element regularly. For this purpose, clean water is pressed through the filter against the filter direction, which dissolves adhering particles and flushes the filter.

    Prior to first use, this backflushing operation should be performed about five times to get the filter up and running. The flow rate, so the flow rate is not really intoxicating and about to compare with the Sawyer Mini. But it is the only filter that I know that comes with activated carbon, is very light and is so versatile.

    Complete with bottle weighs the system 105g, the filter element alone weighs 73g without a bottle. The size of the filter is similar to the Sawyer Mini, through the activated carbon element, it is a little longer.

    Follow the Liters - a great project!

    LifeStraw is a brand of Vestergaard, a family-owned company headquartered in Switzerland dedicated to global health and sustainability. Originally the technology was founded in 2005 to be used in crisis areas and after natural disasters.

    Vestergaard operates worldwide and ensures, for example, in crisis areas for clean water. In addition to LifeStraw® for clean water, they also offer PermaNet® mosquito nets. Their solutions are designed to make the world a little healthier and more sustainable, helping to fight malaria and HIV / AIDS, as well as nutrition and access to water. 

    "Vestergaard according to a humanitarian entrepreneurship business model, doing good and good business."

    From every LifeStraw product sold, part of the money goes to the Follow the Liters project. Vestergaard's mission is to provide students in rural Kenya with access to clean drinking water. Through direct funding from LifeStraw's revenues, the project is independent of donations or state funds and is also run directly by Vestergaard, without the support of partners or third parties. Transparency is important, so there is measurable and verifiable data on the implementation and progress of the program. Via the website, the locations of the schools, the number of filters installed and the number of pupils reached can be viewed.

    In February 2018, they were able to provide 1 million students with clean drinking water. And they will continue. Current information about the project is available at



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    Small and light filter with activated charcoal and medium flow rate.Water filter LifeStraw Flex and a humanitarian project