4 smart gadgets for remote hiking trails

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    4 smart gadgets for remote hiking trails

    Spring is coming and outdoor lovers are drawn to the first rays of sunshine. Whether in the mountains, at the lake or through the forest - Good weather can be enjoyed hiking in diverse locations. Of course, the less other people walk on the same paths, the more beautiful it is. That's why many wandering enthusiasts are increasingly choosing remote locations to be at peace and in harmony with nature. That certainly offers many advantages, but also harbors some dangers: Often there is very little or no off-road excellence phone reception, so help can be obtained in an emergency difficult. Since other hikers are unlikely to come this way, they probably will not be discovered by accident. This article introduces four smart gadgets on how to make contact with the outside world while walking in remote areas.

    Gadget # 1: GPS device

    For orientation in the field, especially on secluded walks, should not be on GPS device be waived. Garmin & Co. offer a variety of all-round equipment, with the help of an on-screen map show where the hiker is currently located. For GPS devices speak their impact and water resistance and the durable battery. The smartphone can also be used as a GPS device, which saves the carrier a piece of luggage. At the same time, the cell phone offers a variety of entertainment options for lonely nights in a tent: for example, video games can be gambled on the Internet or clever sports bets be placed on the future of his favorite club. With the mobile as a loyal companion, the adventurer does not have to do without his online hobbies even on long hikes.

    Gadget # 2: Rescue Point App

    In almost all German federal states there are so-called rescue points, which are listed in GPS devices and hiking maps and facilitate the locating of persons in an emergency. At these rescue points the discontinuation of a mobile phone call is guaranteed and the rescuers concerned are given coordinates and access routes. The smartphone app "Help in the woods" is suitable, for example, to find the next rescue point and thus enables rescue from a predicament.

    Gadget # 3: Solar charger

    For multi-day hikes, trekking tours or camping trips a solar charger is an indispensable companion. The batteries of GPS device, smartphone or photo camera rely on a regular power supply to work. All technical gadgets will not hurt if they do not turn on. Therefore, every walker should be a light and handy solar panel that can charge their own devices even in remote areas without access to electricity. Even a less intensive spring sun is enough for the eco-friendly refueling of device batteries.

    Gadget # 4: High-Tech Shoes

    A futuristic walking gadget comes from the French company eVone. The daughter of a shoe manufacturer developed treads that can call for help when their wearer stumbles and falls. This works thanks to electronic soles, which include a chip for GPS satellite positioning, a motion sensor and a gyroscope. The sensors detect the fall of the shoe wearer and send a message via a narrow-band network to the eVone call center, which in turn notifies the persons previously specified by the shoe wearer. This is a smart purchase, especially for people who are traveling alone. Nevertheless, with all the technical advances, it should not be forgotten that there is always an analog card as a back-up belongs in every hiking baggage, In this sense: Out, the mountain is calling!



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