First Aid Outdoor - second part

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    First Aid Outdoor - second part

    We visited the course First Aid Outdoor - rope & rock compact the Outdoor School South, The contents of the course are specially designed for possible emergencies and difficulties of outdoor people. In addition to the absolute first aid basics such as the handling of various dressings, the stable lateral position to the heart-lung-revival play Emergencies due to environmental influences an important role.

    The phenomena of cold and heat are discussed physiologically, their physical principles and effects on the human body are explained in a lifelike manner and, of course, the emergency measures are discussed and practiced.

    Typical injuries and wounds at different Outdoor sports It is always referred to the more or less limited choice of tools that one hopefully in the form of a First aid kits has. The absolutely necessary assembly of such a first aid pack was of course also an issue. In practice, you then learn to use these tools, such as rescue blanket or triangular scarf, cleverly, but also how to make do with other equipment. The Creativity for crafting The idea is that ski poles and fleece pullovers turn into provisional carriers. When transporting the good-humored casualties, we also quickly notice that wearing an injured really only works very limited and after a few hundred meters on a developed forest road with a gentle slope already meets the physical limits of the rescuers. On a steep narrow mountain path unimaginable!

    Again and again and usually unexpectedly break game scenarios in via the participants. These must then be managed by the pre-determined rescue teams. I will not reveal any details here, because future participants should also have their (admittedly morbid) fun with it. Only so much is said: the emergencies are played by professionals with a lot of experience, the use of make-up and fake blood is very realistic. So realistic that the adrenaline level increases noticeably for all participants. Only after the more or less successful initial care, the case is then jointly discussed in the team, received the medical details and learned and optimized the outdoor first aid knowledge and rescue technology. 

    I personally feel that learning effect through this approach as very high. The increased level of adrenaline may also play a role here, but in principle you simply learn better from mistakes. And mistakes are made, that's for sure. An upset stomach could just as well be an internal injury, the severity of the injury ad hoc ad each adjusted so that the rescue teams have their hands full and always enough uncertainty is maintained.

    The outdoor school South has developed its own set of guidelines along which one can shimmy in an emergency in order to be able to render the most competent help possible. This "RUM-BAP SAU DIWAN"Goes into flesh and blood. After the four days one knows many connections, has practiced important steps and is able, in case of a case as a first responder actually to be able to make something - even if it can mobilize in time professional rescue and the time to their arrival, the situation halfway to have a grip on.



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