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    Small beasts in the forest and how you protect yourself from it

    Not only in distant countries, but also in native areas lurk dangers and common foolishness. The three most important and dangerous animals as well as the ...

    8 tips to survive an unplanned bivouac

    An unplanned bivouac in the mountains can quickly become a disaster. The power goes out, in very adverse circumstances threatens the death by freezing or a crash due to lack of orientation.

    First aid kits

    A backpack pharmacy adapted for the respective purpose of use and the travel destination is unavoidable. But the filling - especially for larger activities or trekking tours ...

    First Aid Outdoor - second part

    We attended the course First Aid Outdoor - Seil & Fels kompakt the Outdoorschule Süd. The contents of the course are specially designed for possible emergencies and ...

    First Aid Outdoor: Rope and Rock Compact

    Terrible screams ring over the silent forest clearing, blood everywhere, on the ground, smeared on trees. Some people are pale and helpless ...
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