Raidlight Top Ultralight Rain Jacket

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    Raidlight Top Ultralight Rain Jacket

    A handful of jacket: the Raidlight Top Ultralight. Less than 200 grams protect against wind, rain and weather.

    A touch of nothing with 196 grams - and still a full-blown rain jacket: the Raidlight Top Ultralight, For me she is an ultralight jacket for mountain tours, as a windbreaker and as a running jacket in cooler temperatures. Because it's so light and packable, it's often easy to put in your backpack if the weather changes during the walk.

    Material and workmanship

    When unpacking is striking: A touch of nothing! The thing is so small and light that I do not really trust it at first glance. However, the closer examination reveals: it is thought of everything!

    The zipper is water-repellent, some reflective details are processed, the jacket comes with elastic thumb loops, a window for the clock and a small zipper bag for gels, the key or the smartphone.

    The shoulders are extra reinforced, here the material can come up with according to the manufacturer with 15.000er water column and MVTR, the remaining, abundant thin material still with 10.000 each. Raidlight uses the in-house hydrophilic in the Top Ultralight MP + PU membrane. In contrast to microporous membranes, a hydrophilic membrane has the advantage that it can not pollute and stick together - especially during strenuous activities, oils and salts from perspiration can not penetrate the pores and retain their breathability permanently. But you have to re-impregnate every now and then.

    Fit: french

    The jacket is cut in a French body-hugging way, so it suits me perfectly in size M. Due to the light stretch, I never feel hemmed in and have full freedom of movement. The arms are long enough to do some light climbing, the thumb loops hold the arms when in doubt - or just keep them under the glove hem.

    Eine Handvoll Jacke: Raidlight Top Ultralight.
    A handful of jacket: Raidlight Top Ultralight.

    Endurance test with backpack, hail and rain

    For the first tougher practical test was the Raidlight 2017 in the Val Grande. We marched somewhere between muggy-warm forest and wet-cold rocks through godforsaken mountain ranges, were exposed to sun and icy cold rain, on the ridge came even hail and thunderstorms. But that's one different story.

    The jacket hit its limits just then, after hours of rain - the water-repellent zipper made it cool, then damp. The zipper was always in the same place a "hump", thus, a small pool has formed, and the movement has probably been constantly pressed a small amount of water through the zipper. The shirt underneath was about 5 × 5 cm wet at chest height - but that's it, that did not really bother her. Otherwise, the thing actually kept tight.

    For days, 10 kilos of backpack scrubbed on the jacket, I have found no traces of it. Even rock contact while climbing, climbing and clinging remained without trace. I really would not have expected that, so filigree seems the little spoon.



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    Ingenious part, however, penetrated with continuous rain some water through the zipper.Raidlight Top Ultralight Rain Jacket