The down for all cases: Berghaus Ramche Micro Jacket

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    The down for all cases: Berghaus Ramche Micro Jacket

    Light and warm insulation with water-repellent down

    I'm looking for a new, lightweight down jacket with reserves Berghaus encountered. My requirement, the lowest possible weight with high insulation performance, allowed almost only down. A certain robustness is important to me to use the jacket with a backpack, and, if possible, the down is also insensitive to moisture and moisture.

    Frozen as I am, I keep the isolation also like to climb. Due to the sweat, the insulation performance of normal down will decrease relatively quickly, so it needs a water-repellent equipped insulation filling. If it should be down, then it should be RDS certified, so as not to promote completely unnecessary animal suffering by purchasing. 

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    The Berghaus Ramche line comes along hydrophobicized down - Hydrodown - which was equipped in cooperation and with the help of NikWax water repellent. This equipment should last up to 16 hours in wet conditions without losing heat output. A special one Body mapping Method provides the necessary and important parts of the body with more isolation, but is used less in other places. This saves weight. In addition, the jacket with a reflective mesh fed, which reflects the body heat and thus increases the heat efficiency by 10%.

    Looking at my requirements, the choice fell on the Ramche Micro Down. It has all the features mentioned above: a very light, RDS certified hydrodown, heat reflection and smart body mapping. The outer material is made of sturdy polyamide, stabilized with reinforcing threads. The 90/10 down mix with 850cuin is located in the upper part of this price range. The jacket is therefore managed under the umbrella of the Berghaus Extreme line. MntHaus, Berghaus's in-house development department for alpine technologies, helped develop the Ramche.

    The alpine origin and orientation you notice the jacket: through consistent renunciation of the unnecessary could with a 300 grams very light but warm down jacket. Except for two pockets, an inside pocket and the adjustable hood, there is nothing on the Ramche. The zipper closes tight and is also deposited. The cuffs keep tight by rubber.


    The Ramche is cut close to the body without being too tight. Even for a thick fleece is still enough space underneath. Nevertheless, she does not come "bellied" therefore. The arms are pleasantly long cut and close by rubber cuffs clean. Only the hood does not fit really, because I miss a volume regulation at the back of the head to get something out of the field of vision.



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    Ausrüstung für Klettern, Bergsport und Outdoor bei kaufen

    One with just over 300 grams (in size M) very light down jacket that keeps you surprisingly warm. The concept of Hydrodown works very well, the heat output does not noticeably sweat even through sweat. Only the hood could be a bit more customizable.The down for all cases: Berghaus Ramche Micro Jacket