Norrona Falketind Flex1 softshell pants

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    Norrona Falketind Flex1 softshell pants

    Thanks to its colorful and high-quality collection, Norrona is well known to everyone. We have the extremely light weight Softshell trousers Falketind Flex1 made for the test. Some extended walks and smaller mountain tours later this short test report matured.

    Material and workmanship

    The pants are made of very breathable material and cut very narrow. Now, in late winter, the pants are almost too thin, although it is very well wind and water repellent equipped.

    At the ankles it can be set closer by push button. On the inside of the hem are loops with small hooks attached to the trousers, similar to a gaiter to fix the shoe.

    All pockets are equipped with zippers, in the cargo pocket on the leg is another small compartment with mesh material incorporated. So you have enough storage space for little things.

    Additional reinforcements on the inside of the ankles and on the seat protect the thin material from abrasion.


    The material is so light and stretchy that you hardly feel the pants. The "Custom-fit waist system" makes it easy to adjust and adjust the softshell trousers on the waistband. The adjustment is kept so flat that it does not interfere with the hip belt of a backpack and pushes. Thanks to preformed knees and the lightness of the pants makes pretty much any movement: whether comfortable hiking or rather rough climbs, nothing tweaks and zwackt.

    The only drawback: the pants should be synonymous in a longer version. 


    The tester is thrilled - and has found her light summer leg dress in the Falketind Flex1, which also defies wind and weather and even holds off a brief drizzle. Above all, the lightness of the pants and the comfortable fit has convinced.



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