Waterproof softshell jacket by Direct Alpine: Trango

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    Waterproof softshell jacket by Direct Alpine: Trango

    The waterproof soft shell jacket Trango by Direct Alpine convinces not only by its fit, but also by the details. I think I have a new favorite jacket for pretty much all life situations!

    The Guides du Mont Blanc have opted for the Trango as work clothes. Not without reason, I think. A waterproof softshell, in which - typical Direct Alpine - Only the best materials available on the market are used. Three-layered, it is robust, stretchy and of course waterproof and breathable, and at relatively low weight.

    The membrane technology

    Once again, Direct Alpine uses state-of-the-art technology and built-in technology Z-Grav Non-porous environmentally friendly, POA-free membrane combinations with excellent properties. Pore-free membranes can not clog and are therefore much more durable and less expensive. They put on the sleeves, hips and the hood Diaplex, a membrane technology that dynamically adjusts the breathability and insulation to the temperature range.

    Construction, cut and comfort

    Immediately some features typical for Direct Alpine stand out. The PitZips (ventilation zippers under the arms), are extremely long, which of course provides good ventilation on the one hand, on the other hand, if you open them from below, you can get close to the pockets of the underlying clothing. The pockets you normally expect were optimized away. The Trango has two large breast pockets, which receive the necessary bits and pieces, cords, cereal bars and so on. A relatively large upper arm pocket and an inner pocket on the chest, and that's it with the bag range. It does not really need more than that.

    The cut - and thus comfort - is getting used to at the beginning: around the shoulders, the Trango is rather narrow cut, the rest of the jacket is normal. Only the front of the jacket, which was cut short for my taste, could have been a bit longer. For walking, running, for ski tours and similar sports that is convenient - but as soon as you raise your arms, for example, in short climbing passages, the hem then slips a bit high.

    All in all, but it fits very well and accompanied (j) while jogging in the sleet through the forest. It fits like a glove and it does not get too sweaty underneath. When it gets sweaty, the long PitZips play out their strength.


    If Direct Alpine had equipped the Trango with a Recco reflector, this would be the jacket of choice for winter tours of all kinds. Typical for Direct Alpine is the choice of materials used (an environmentally friendly, non-porous membrane) and the most sustainable production possible in Europe.



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