The Fritzi boulder pants for girls in the field test: test winner!

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    The Fritzi boulder pants for girls in the field test: test winner!

    A climbing pant from Young? Never heard. There is no need for great persuasion, because I like their products right away. I even have decision difficulties.

    Fortunately, the product range is not too big, so I opt for a yellow Fritzi pants. Directly sympathetic is the first contact with the fitting: the Sizes are honest - because size 38 is an M and does not have to be redefined. Thanks for that!

    From the first moment I like these pants. The Organic cotton is pleasant on the skin and has a great fit without constricting. Jung clearly holds what they promise on the homepage: maximum freedom of movement made of comfortable materials.

    The test takes place in the climbing bouldering hall and confirms the first impression.

    The cuffs at the foot keep good distance to the climbing shoe (also perfect for my shorter legs).

    The stuff is robust and keeps my fighting on the wall loose. Even after several rough bouldering missions, I have not discovered any abrasions from climbing and bouldering on my pants. 

    What absolutely excites me is that very much wide and comfortable waistband, I quickly understood the meaning, because for the first time I did not have to tuck the T-shirt under the belt and pants when climbing, so that the stomach is not pushed out. He is well looked after under the comfortable waistband. Very nice solved!

    These pants already have many washes survived without getting out of shape. She is now an integral part of my wardrobe and is not only attracted to climbing. Because it is so comfortable, it is also suitable for other sports or as a home and leash trousers.

    Honestly? Thumbs up for this young brand. Qualitatively well made and a feast for the eyes. I'm a fan. Check out their website, it's worth your while to browse and get involved in the Company philosophy and to enjoy the environmental and social commitment of the small and likeable Cologne manufactory.



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