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    Blueberry cacao making energy bars for regeneration itself

    Thanks to the high-quality ingredients, carbohydrates and protein are quickly added to the body after exercise, and especially the blueberries also have an antioxidant effect and thus help with rapid regeneration.

    We Love Cereals: delicious handmade granola bars

    Diet on the go is always an important issue: lots of energy, good taste and, best of all, low weight. Energy bars or muesli bars are literally crowding ...

    Egg white energy with ox bar

    The slightly different snack: the ox bar. Full of the best protein, it is made from organic beef in Bavaria. Without artificial additives. Protein for athletes With its 20 grams of protein and 104 ...

    Muesli bar make yourself

    For your upcoming trail runs and hikes, I would like to share one of my favorite recipes with which you can conjure up super delicious muesli bars for on the go. Do it yourself for & #039; s ...