Egg white energy with ox bar

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    Egg white energy with ox bar

    The slightly different snack: the ox bar. Full of the best protein, it is produced from organic beef in Bavaria. Without artificial additives.

    Protein for athletes

    With its 20 grams of protein and 104 calories per pack, the ox bar is a real powerhouse. 40% protein, 5% fat and 1% carbohydrates are values that are impressive. Especially those who do not care so much for sweetness after physical stress, have a healthy alternative with the ox bars. The amino acids of the meat have a high bioavailability and can be easily absorbed and processed by the body. Vitamins, trace elements and essential fatty acids are present in ideal composition. If we look at the production and the production principles, it becomes clear why an ox bar is a lot better than industrially produced beef jerky with lots of additives, flavors and sugar. By the way, we have a delicious jerky Tried recipe!

    Production of the ox bar

    Raised from local pasture, according to strict organic guidelines, without additives such as flavor enhancers, preservatives or nitrite pickling salt, the oxen bars are produced in Bavaria. Not only the meat, but also other ingredients such as dextrose, vegetable juice concentrate or acerola powder come from controls organic agriculture

    The meat comes from selected animal stocks, for example from the estate Borken in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The animals are kept outdoors year round in suckler cow and grazing, get no synthetic "boosters". The feed is produced in a closed eco-cycle, dispensing with synthetic chemical fertilizers and GMO. 

    A transparent and complete tracing of the animals, even over several generations, is part of the self-image of the manufacturer.

    Test and taste

    The manufacturer “Ochsenstolz” provided me with a trial pack. Of course, I tried it immediately after opening the package 🙂 At first, the shape and consistency reminds me of a well-known mini salami, but after a few bites it becomes clear that the bar is playing at a completely different level. Hearty, meaty, the mouthfeel is not too soft, the taste is full and slightly smoky. The seasoning is fine and does not cover the taste of the high quality meat. Only the casing made of cattle collagen takes getting used to. It doesn’t taste like anything, but it is still a bit strange from the “mouthfeel”. If you don't want to get used to it, you can easily pull off the cover.

    On several hikes, I let my hiking partner cost, all were surprised to enthusiastic.

    A test of endurance then presented the Westweg: if I feel on the way, I have no strength, it is usually already too late and I need a quick energy bomb, which is directly available for the body. Normally, I've gotten into the habit of carrying some energy gels and choke those things down. This time I tried the ox bars. As fast as the gels, they do not "work", but for a much longer lasting - and above all heartier, with the right "bite"!


    Currently, the bars are a great supplement for me or even an alternative to the usual sources of protein after training, which I do not want to miss anymore. Fast, delicious, full-bodied and healthy!

    Ochs bars* can be ordered here!



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