Westweg: sweating in Forbach and luxury at Mummelsee (2)

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    Westweg: sweating in Forbach and luxury at Mummelsee (2)

    The next two stages of the long distance hike on the Westweg of the Black Forest. From the hut on the Draberg, the trail stretches over Forbach to Badener Höhe. The next day then over the Hornisgrinde to Mummelsee.

    Third Stage: Draberg - Forbach - Badener Höhe - 18 km, 1109/1029 Hm

    Down from the Draberg to Forbach stretches a part of a Way of the Cross, which inspired me immediately to some religious thoughts. Not so much mentally, but purely physically it was then in Forbach for me. Gather some food in the supermarket. On the famous wooden bridge some cameras with Asian tourists come to meet . A simple shout "Smile!" Is enough, I smile dutifully while trying not to look broken. The backpack filled with treats hurts.

    For the second breakfast shortly after, in the Café Henriette, at the Moses (!) well I filled up my water to four liters and went on, up the long climb in the direction of Herrenwieser Lake . It was hot. With about 34 degrees the hottest day of the year. Already on the outskirts of Forbach I was completely wet, out of breath and had no more desire to walk anyway. The mind triumphs over the body, I told myself, and dragged the now about 15kg heavy backpack together with my legs and the rest up to the exultant Schwarzbach dam, to bathe! To wash! Heavenly!

    Of course, the water was freezing cold, so a cat's lick for the head, body and socks was completely sufficient. 

    After a long bum and cooled somewhat down I dragged the backpack to the stage destination, the Herrenwieser See. Of course not without getting los, first uphill, then downhill, due to the missed turnoff from 500 meters it got a caustic 3-kilometer loop over not so nice forest roads. But finally, oh, oh, no! Completely nailed down, closed off and sealed by warning signs almost impenetrable, here was the lake. Natural reserve! the signs announced unmistakably. First eat something. The sighted hut at the other end of the lake, It was littered and around it there was no place for the small tent. Obvious, somehow.

    So on, then go to Badener Höhe, despite the predicted thunderstorm, what the heck will go wrong, there is also a refuge up there. Beautifully, the trail stays on the heights, I really like these plateaus here in the Black Forest. Crouched trees, pressed to the ground from the harsh winds, shrubs and many colorful flowers.

    I have to come here again for blueberry time! In the evening light everything is warm and brightly illuminated. The Friedrichsturm appears and soon the tent stands erected, in respectful distance to the tower. There is a thunderous roar, dark clouds blowing, flashes of lightning - all far away. Far enough for a restful sleep.

    Fourth Stage: Badener Höhe - Hornisgrinde - Mummelsee - 15km, 764/706 Hm

    Slowly, very slowly, I get up and make breakfast (tip: breakfast porridge with trail mix, mixed with Nido milk powder from the Asiashop), preferably another coffee. Packing up, into the boots, backpack shouldered and off I go. The beauty of the mountains here is that it goes first up, then down again. Not very steep, evading some mountain bikers, I descended, towards Sand. 

    At a nice pension I got another coffee right on the way. I must have looked so bad at this early hour of the day that the landlady, though she was still closed, cooked me a coffee. Sitting on the terrace, I examined at least twenty Dutchmen, or better: their motorcycles. Whenever I thought it was over, some still came after. Either there is a nest or they were all staying further up in the Naturfreundehaus. When all of them finally got through, I saddled up again and climbed towards Hornisgrinde, actually only to drink a Radler shortly afterwards, then at lunchtime. That gone to my head so much that I ran down to the biker's tavern about 2 kilometers, as the hiking map had been left lying there. In the run back to the backpack - a rather short, but with the sun, the Radler and mountain boots demanding trail run.

    Rather uneventfully, I wobbled to Hornisgrinde and let me enlighten me on the way from a mountain biker - er sorry, enduro rider - about the benefits of these and those parts of the bike. I just wanted to small talk, and he pressed me the last 5 years mountain bike technology in the brain. With glassy eyes, thinking of my aching feet, I held out. Finally, when he rode down the mountain, I smoked one. Otherwise, I do not dare, if I've some mega-athletes in front of me.

    Another short descent to mummelsee separated me from a Currywurst and a shower, and a pretty classy night in the hotel of the same name. In the spa of the hotel, I sweat even further, as if the last few days was not warm enough ... but I'm Schwabe: if that is offered and payed for, it has to be used! In the souvenir shop below, I bought a super delicious "Welsh nut bread" - whatever business the Welsh have to do in the Black Forest.

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