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    Westweg: Waldau - Titisee, quitting (5)

    Ninth Stage: Cold Hostel - Titisee, 21 Kilometers, 1980m / 1230m In the morning, my right ankle is strangely stiff. At the...

    Westweg: Hausach - Kalte Herberge - Waldau (4)

    Seventh stage: Hausach - Wilhelmshöhe, 23km, 1846m / 973m Hausach, eight o'clock, breakfast in the hotel to the oak with turbo boost egg. The Achilles tendon ...

    Westweg: Mummelsee - Glaswaldsee - Hausach (3)

    A long stage, health problems and a break. An extremely relaxing night at the hotel was canceled out by a 34 kilometer stage. But from ...

    Westweg: sweating in Forbach and luxury at Mummelsee (2)

    It continues with the next two stages of the long hike on the Westweg in the Black Forest. From the hut on the Draberg goes ...

    The Westweg: the first two stages (1)

    On the Westweg? 280 kilometers on foot? Sure! A description of my joys and sorrows on my very personal journey back to ...

    Albbruck - sport climbing in the southern Black Forest

    One day off in the middle of the week and always looking for new climbing areas? That's what happened to us, and of course we found ...

    Climbing on the Battert: only for daring beginners

    For security-accustomed indoor climbers this is certainly nothing. For all other climbers, the Battert climbing area near Baden-Baden offers a wealth of routes in all levels of difficulty.

    Three days on the Westweg

    Three days, 65 kilometers and a lot of sweat on the Westweg in the Black Forest

    Spring hike in the Wutachschlucht

    From Kappel to Döggingen, ie the most beautiful part of the Wutachschlucht and down through the Gauchachschlucht, back to civilization.
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