Climbing on Mägdeberg

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    Climbing on Mägdeberg

    The Hegau is a special piece of earth.

    Between Lake Constance and black forest located here, the Hegauvulkane rise here. There was once a castle on almost every volcano. Most of them are more or less decayed today, but you can still explore exciting castle ruins and enjoy the far-sightedness far into Switzerland.

    After the Ice Age, during which the glaciers had cut off the soft outer layer of the volcanoes, only the cooled lava drops remained - the Hegau volcanoes. In this landscape, the Mägdeberg rises to 654m, on the lava drop of this volcano also a castle was built - and, more exciting: on the steep west side just below the castle opened early climbers routes up to 25 meters in length.

    Today in the nature reserve Mägdeberg a climbing garden is furnished with routes from the third to the higher difficulty levels. The rock is hard, so-called phonolite, The climbing on the rock reminds me of gneiss: very compact, small-block and somehow not very handy.

    From the car park, walk a few meters in the direction of the ruin until a small path branches off to the left. Follow the paths to the rocks. At the top you can partly hook in a toprope, at the bottom you get to the foot of the different sectors. These are in climbing guide (digital at Enziano) strung somewhat counterintuitively from F to A. At H it starts easily and in blocky two and three terrain, until at sector A, the small-grip overhang until the IX. Degree to the spirited rise lure. About forty routes are set up, the lion's share of the lower levels of difficulty up to the seventh degree.

    The routes are mostly logical and equipped with solid bolts, but not always worthwhile. In some routes, the first safety point is at dangerous altitude. Especially in the lower difficulty levels five and six, I personally do not find really nice routes. Mostly, climbing then focuses on a single key point.



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